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Adam's Peak Sri LankaAdam's Peak is one of the major eco tourism destinations in the hill country of Sri Lanka . The key attraction of the ADAM'S PEAK WILDERNESS SANCTUARY is Adam's Peak itself.  The 2243 metre peak has a great significance for various different religions.  Buddhists believe the footprint on the summit is that of Buddha; Hindus hold it to be the mark of Shiva; Muslims are convinced it is that of Adam, who wept after the loss of Eden (whereby the mountain got its name); and some Christians believe the indentations were caused when St.Thomas, Christ's Apostle who came East, prayed at the peak. As a result, the mountain peak has been a pilgrimage centre for over 1000 years. Whatever its religious significance, this famous landmark offers some breathtaking views of the hill country and an enchanting wilderness sanctuary. The majority of climbers begin their ascent at night in order to arrive at the top in time for a magical sunrise when the mystical shadow of the peak is perfectly cast across the clouds.

This eco tourism destination in Sri Lanka is one of those truly unique moments that will live on in your memory long after the aches and pains from the climb to the wilderness sanctuary have gone!  In addition to Adam's Peak itself, the Peak Wilderness Sanctuary offers some superb nature trails through tropical rainforests, across rivers and past lush tea plantation.

Adam's Peak Sri Lanka Adam's Peak Sri Lanka Morning Sun rise - Adam's Peak Sri Lanka

"Week Without Walls (WWW)  - OSC & Eco Team

This year [2008] signaled a grand return to past OSC tradition; from the January 15 to 18 , the Overseas School of Colombo re-established its "Week Without Walls (WWW)" programme.

Designed for the secondary school, WWW is an "out of classroom" experience for students that is designed to enrich them with a better knowledge of their host country and its environment.

WWW an effort to develop and enhance greater social and cultural awareness. WWW emphasizes holistic learning, intercultural awareness and communication. It helps students to bond with their peer groups in environments outside of school.

At the Overseas School of Colombo, WWW this year was an exciting time for all students participating.

Eco Team was the obvious choice by the OSC and their appointed travel coordinator - United Holidays, to be the service provider for 2 wilderness camps in Singharaja Rain Forest and Hatton. Singharaja camp was coupled with a rainforest exploration  programme conducted by Eco Team's expert naturalists whilst the Hatton Camp coupled with an Adam's Peak expedition backed by Eco team Trekkers & Guides.   

Guest Comments
Just a quick note to say that we had the services of 3 excellent guides on our climb. They were very encouraging, helpful and obviously very experienced. I don't think I will want to send any of our clients on the climb without your services. It really made us feel very privileged to have all the extra touches that you provide.

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