Sea Planes / Air Taxies
The destination without a journey u always dreamed of.

Domestic Aircraft
Quicker, efficient and flexible mode of transportation.

Experience the thrill and excitement of a private helicopter flight over the paradise.




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Sri Lanka has been identified as one of the most popular internal tourist destinations and many facilities have been introduced to ensure that the locations within the Island are more accessible in a minimum amount of time . There are a number of waterways, lakes and domestic airstrips in Sri Lanka located in close proximity to tourist attractions.

Much of the Island’s beauty is bypassed as of now because of the tiring journeys and congested routes often associated with internal road travel, hence Our latest venture is to provide a travel service which will ensure that these beautiful & eye catching locations are enjoyed by the discerning traveler, whilst reducing travel time between destinations.
Travelers now have the option of exploring the beauty of Sri Lanka by journeying in Sea Planes, Helicopters, or light Aircraft

Sea Planes
By chartering these extremely comfortable sea planes, a traveler can experience the Sri Lankan waterways, lakes and the length & breadth of the Island. These facilities can be used at affordable costs and is extremely suitable for individuals, small families or group’s up to a maximum of 8 people.

Domestic Aircraft/ Light Aircraft
Recognizing a need for a means of quicker, efficient and flexible mode of transportation within the country, for Sri Lankans, Foreign tourists and business people, domestic charter flight operations are now available at your service. You can enjoy the beauty and serenity of our paradise isle with your family and friends by chartering these aircraft.
“Getting there shouldn't take longer than being there” is our motto when we sell Sri Lanka to the World. Experience the thrill and excitement of a private helicopter flight over the world's most beautiful island. With our helicopters you can reach almost any destination in the Country in less than an hour. We have at our disposal the world's most popular commercial helicopters.
Helicopter travel is a cost-effective way of moving your team from location-to-location, considering the time & cost factors, to make these visits by road. Days, possibly weeks are spent for this purpose. With our helicopters at your service you now have the option of making all your visits round the Country and be back home in time for afternoon tea!!


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