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Bird Watching in Sri Lanka
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Birding Tours Sri Lanka

Birding tours in Sri Lanka with Eco TeamEco Team’s Specialized Birding Arm offers professional & quality birding tours in Sri Lanka since year 2000 for the birding community around the world with varied levels of interest.
It’s operated by bird lovers for bird lovers !    

We invite you to explore Sri Lanka’s extraordinary world of colorful birds and fascinating flora and fauna with us. Sri Lanka is a true paradise for Ornithologists. Of the 427 recorded species, 250 are resident and 33 are endemic to the country. Sri Lanka’s high endemism surpasses countries like Costa Rica and with such a variety of environments ranging from wet to dry zone, forest to jungle, and hill country to low lands, there's no end to the fascinating locations in which to spot many of these beautiful birds. 

Most of the endemic birds, such as the striking red-faced malkoha & green billed cocul ?? are restricted to the wet zone, while birds such as the Sri Lanka whistling thrush and the yellow-eared bulbul reside in the hill country.  Others, like the brilliantly plumaged jungle fowl, and the shy brown-capped babbler can be found in forests and sanctuaries throughout the island.

Birding in Sri LankaThe large lakes (irrigation reservoirs) in the dry zone attract numerous varieties of duck, while larger aquatic birds such as the stork, heron, egret, spoonbill, pelican, and ibis can easily be seen in the wetlands.

Around mid-August the first migratory species arrive in Sri Lanka. Large flocks of sandpipers, stints, plovers, terns and harriers fly over from Northern India, Siberia, Scandinavia and Western Europe and settle along the lagoons and salterns of the eastern, north-western and south-eastern coasts. In the forested areas of Sri Lanka, migratory birds like tree warblers, thrushes and cuckoos can be seen.

Sri Lanka Birding TrailsWe at Eco Team have carefully planned birding tours in Sri Lanka to maximize our birding tours success by visiting as many habitats, altitudinal zones, and local lesser known hideouts as possible while still maintaining a reasonable tour pace. With us, you do not have to pay celebrity prices for celebrity level guides and services. 

Each tour is led by an English-speaking veteran birding Tour guide who usually lives and guides in Sri Lanka year-round. Accommodation is generally in comfortable eco-lodges or hotels situated near birding locales unless otherwise noted in our programs. Our guides are well versed in finding and identifying rarities and target birds, always with the overall goal of making your birding tour experience as successful as possible.

Birding Tours Sri Lanka - attitude

Bird Watching Tours Sri Lanka,Bird Watching Safaris Sri LankaWhat’s most important is that as birders we understand what you want as a fellow birder. We know what it takes and we are passionate about making Sri Lanka one of your unforgettable birding destinations. From your personal travel advisor, who would answer your mails and coordinate the tour, to the birding guide, to the chauffeur who would drive you around – all have the right attitude and the knowledge to make it happen.   

Our Birding Tour Options 

  • Short birding excursions
  • Soft and moderate birding programs with other interests
  • Hardcore / professional birding programs
  • Exotic Bird / Nature / Wildlife photography tours.

Short biding Tours Sri Lanka

If you are in Sri Lanka just for few days or on a beach holiday, but still want to try your luck with the birds, our short birding tour option is the right solution. These excursions would range from one day to 3 days and could be organized to rainforests [ to get a high number of endemics ] / wetlands [ to see water birds / waders ] / dry zone [ to see high numbers of resident birds ] or to match your special interest like owls or bird photography.

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Soft and moderate birding Tours Sri Lanka with other interests

For some one who wants to see and do other things in Sri Lanka but still wants to see the feathered ones as much as possible our soft birding tours fit the bill. These itineraries would cover a large spectrum of interests like culture, history, wildlife, etc. and still do lot of bird watching when ever possible.  These tours could be offered with a professional bird guide + chauffer or with only a Chauffer guide who has a fair knowledge in biding.

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Hardcore / professional birding Tours Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Bird Watching safaris and toursThis option is for the real birders who are very serious in the count they get and have specific goals in terms of endemics, etc. These itineraries, led by expert birding tour guides are designed for nothing but to get the maximum count possible + all the Sri Lankan endemics.

We offer scheduled and customized small group birding tours in Sri Lanka with maximum time in the field. Each morning we will be getting an early start to make the best of our time, and maximize our opportunities to see as many species of birds as possible. As an optional outing, one night in each location, we will go owling. Each evening, there will also be an optional meeting after dinner to go over the bird list.

In this category of tours, we have carefully selected the best combination of birding tour locations, some times even compromising creature comforts, to ensure the largest variety and number of species possible.

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Exotic Bird / Nature / Wildlife photography tours in Sri Lanka

sri lanka bird watching and photographyOur slow-paced bird /wildlife photo tours are designed to capture images of a broad diversity of tropical birds.

Usually, photographers wishing to photograph a broad spectrum of birds have to strike out on their own or join a birding tour where their photography needs often conflicts with the goals of serious birders. For this reason we've created birding-like tours that emphasize photography opportunities rather than species count, while still endeavouring to seek out many different kinds of birds.

bird watching in sri lanka,bird watching holidays sri lankaIn this site you will find a few popular birding Tour itineraries with rates for you to review. These are private trips where you, or your own group, will be the only participants. These are not sign-up tours with specific dates.

Please note that these are only suggestions and we would be happy to customize your trip in any way you would like.


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If you are a birding tour operator who is looking for specialized ground handler / direct service provider in Sri Lanka, you have come to the right page. Please send us your enquiry with all the information for some itinerary suggestions with very special discounted wholesale rates.
Birds and people

Birds and People in Sri LankaFor birds to survive and for you to come and see them some one needs to protect bird habitats & forests. There is no one else who could do it better than the communities who live right there, near the habitats. Eco Team is spearheading various conservation projects in association with the communities and part of your tour fee is diverted towards these projects.

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Client's Testimonials

You know guys a lot of people pass ‘Belihuloya’ as just another town on the Colombo Badulla road. The most they would do is stop at the rest house and have a dip in the cool waters of the Belihuloya that flows next to it. But how many actually realise that there is this amazing eco culture that surrounds the Belihuloya? I think we have Eco team to thank for bringing this marvellous location to the limelight.

The nature trail from Kinchigune to Belihuloya was probably the best time we've had in our whole lives. The trekker was so patient with us amateur trekkers and never grumbled when we kept calling him to help take off the leeches who seemed passionate about us. We loved the walk through the shrub jungle and through the paddy fields and crossing the river at several points was sooo cool. The last crossing where we had water up to our wastes and the current was so strong was amazing. I have to admit there was a single moment where I felt scared but the trekker was obviously a Pro and calmed our fears instantly. He didn’t seem to mind going out of his way take us off the beaten track to see a small waterfall and was so patient with us when we wanted to stop at almost every mushroom to take pictures:-) By the way we found a range of mushrooms (fascinating for photography) and countless butterflies and heard a myriad of bird sounds though we could not spare the hours to sit and watch them. The fauna and flora right throughout the trek was brilliant and it’s not surprising that Dileep ended up taking more than 500 photos :-)

The canoeing in the Samanalawewa Tank was another novel and super experience…and here too the trekker was so patient and nice that we were able to really enjoy the activity…at first we were blundering with oars but later caught on and managed to paddle quite well. The scenery around us was breathtaking and particular the shadow of the mountain on the water was so pretty and so reminiscent of scenes from Norway (a land of mountains and lakes).

Last but not least a mention of the food at River garden Lodge is a must …it was yummy and we really ate like we’ve never eaten before:-)

Well I could go on and on... but will stop now. As we spoke to you about directly there were a few hitches in the journey but overall we had a super time. So thank you to you and Eco team (for organising the trip) and especially Pradeep (the manager at the River Garden hotel) and his team for the superb hospitality and food, most specially to Jayasekera the Trekker for his patience and care. Our visit to Belihuloya in December 2009 was a wonderful and rare experience.

- Dasaman Wijesinghe


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