Luxury Safari camps in Sri Lanka.Our Tented Safari Camps are among best in Asia. We have located our luxury safari camps at most suitable campsites in all national wild life parks in Sri Lanka.Most sought after wild life in these Asia's best game reserves are Elephants / Leopards / Sloth Bears / Crocodiles / many more mammals and bird species.Join us for an unforgettable camping Safari Tour in Sri Lanka.
Mahoora Luxury Safari Camping



Mahoora Standard Camping
Our most popular Luxury Camping Locations

Yala National Park

Udawalwe National Park
Bundala National Park
Singharaja Rain Forest
Knuckels Mountain Range
Participatory Camping
Camping Code of Practice of ECO Team
Environment policy
Camping Tours
8 Nights / 9 Days Tour
9 Nights / 10 Days Tour
13 Nights / 14Days Tour
Camping Code of Practice
Operators license
Eco Team is a registered business entity to operate the excursion with the relevant local/ government authorities
Impact on the community

We always take all possible steps to ensure that the local community benefits from our camping programmes (wherever possible using local produce and labour).


Nature conservation is also our utmost priority and standards are maintained in keeping with all international, government, local authority and our own guidelines.

Campsite location
All Eco Team campsites should be suitable in terms of:
:: Safety  - safe from intruders (human or wildlife) and other natural elements.
:: Spaciousness – spacious enough for the number of guests staying.
Information and Instructions
Because the best safety measure is to be aware of safety regulations, the first thing we do is to provide our guests, along with the welcome drink, with a booklet on camping rules and safety regulations on arrival at the camp, explaining the following:
:: Camping rules to ensure safe and comfortable camping
:: Wildlife and/or Forest Department regulations, when applicable
:: Information about the surrounding area and of any dangers
:: Instructions on how to act in the event of any danger/emergency
Staff Training
Written and verbal training is provided to staff on following:
:: First-aid administration
:: Accident handling procedures
:: Use of Fire Safety equipment
:: Environment
:: Handling a crisis situation
Tents, Canopies and Ground Sheets

All tents are, of course, insect and waterproof for a safe and worry-free night.

Toilet/Washing facilities

For the convenience and comfort of our guests, camping toilets come with a portable commode and commode showers.  (N.B. Flushable toilets are available for the Super-luxury camping option).


For those who wish to avoid natural water sources for bathing, portable showers are also provided.  (N.B. Hot water showers are available for the Super-luxury camping option).

Lighting of the camp

We not only illuminate the camp with a campfire, oil or copra torches and lanterns, but see that the campfire and lanterns do not dwindle till morning.  As well as being an attractive feature of the campsite's set-up, it also serves an important purpose in announcing our presence to any prowling animal!

Food and beverages
:: Our food is always prepared on site, enabling us to serve our guests with fresh and clean meals.
:: We always take experienced senior cook/s on our camping excursions.
:: Food service would be carried out by equally experienced stewards.

There is also an ample stock of beverages - alcoholic, soft drinks and mineral water available for purchase at the site.  Wines too could be made available on prior request.

Fire Safety
The following steps should be taken to ensure adequate protection against fire risks:

Fire fighting equipment (fire extinguisher, water pails, sand buckets) is available in the campsite and placed in an easily visible and accessible point.


Campfire will be placed at an adequate distance from tents, trees & any combustible material

:: Kitchen utensils will be placed at an adequate distance from tents, trees & any combustible material
First Aid
:: A well-stocked first aid kit is available and placed in an easily visible and accessible point.
On-going vigilance and back-up services
:: Vigilant guards keep watch throughout the night to ensure your peace of mind.
:: We also have well-planned emergency and crisis management procedures with back- up services at all of our locations.
Gas cylinders and fuel - storage and transport
All gas and fuel cylinders and hoses are regularly checked, in good condition and used and transported in a safe manner.
Portable electrical appliances
:: All electrical appliances are tested by a qualified person on an annual basis.
:: If used, generators will be positioned in a segregated and well ventilated location.
Furniture and other equipment
:: All furniture and equipment are in good condition, free from rough & sharp edges and will be kept clean and secure.



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