Luxury Safari camps in Sri Lanka.Our Tented Safari Camps are among best in Asia. We have located our luxury safari camps at most suitable campsites in all national wild life parks in Sri Lanka.Most sought after wild life in these Asia's best game reserves are Elephants / Leopards / Sloth Bears / Crocodiles / many more mammals and bird species.Join us for an unforgettable camping Safari Tour in Sri Lanka.
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Yala National Park

Udawalwe National Park
Bundala National Park
Singharaja Rain Forest
Knuckels Mountain Range
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Environment policy
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Environment and Community Policy for reference
We at Eco Team, pride ourselves in conducting our activities , with two of our prime concerns being the well being & development of the local community and the conservation of the Environment.
We educate/train the unemployed members of the local communities where our locations are based, on tourism activities. Through this endeavor, the local youth are empowered to work independently, whilst also gaining firsthand knowledge of the importance of conserving the natural environment.

We always give preference to the locals in the area when it comes to direct and indirect employment for a particular tourism operation in that respective area, though it is far more convenient and profitable for us to deploy our own teams to these locations.

Purchasing Policy and Traders and Suppliers
Even though economies of scale do not favor the company, we always endeavor to make our purchases relating to Food stuff and other day-to-day requirements from the respective areas where the camps are set up.
Most of our purchasing is done through small-scale traders or directly from the farmers avoiding middlemen and wholesalers . This maximizes the filtering of economic benefits to a majority of people.
Recycle and Biodegradable material
Eco Team always strives to purchase recycled material and discourages the usage of cellophane and all other non-biodegradable material. We educate our local suppliers on these issues and advise them to adhere to this concept when supplying to others as well.
We discourage serving imported food and beverage items and always promote locally manufactured items.
Locally manufactured equipment
Though there are very clear limitations in adhering to this policy , with the strict safety standards we maintain , our aim is to manufacture our equipment locally , thereby providing a total Sri Lankan touch to the package we offer .However as mentioned we do not compromise on safety and quality.
Client Awareness

This is an integral part of our operation and as in our other endeavours a thoroughly professional approach is maintained in educating clients in environmental conservation and the positive contribution that they should strive to make towards the benefit of the local communities.


There are written guidelines developed for us as the facilitator of the activities/programmes and for clients who will be taking part in such activities/programmes. These guidelines are focused on The Environment, Communities & Safety and all efforts will be taken to see that both parties adhere to same.

Environmental Impact

This issue is directly addressed in our guidelines. We have taken measures such as using compost toilets instead of Chemical structures when,camping to minimize the impact on the environmenment


For accommodation, we will be either using movable low impact camping setups or existing locally made housing units.

Public awareness.

Our company conducts guest lectures and various educational programmes at many levels such as Business Clubs / Non Governmental Organizations / Environmental Clubs & Societies and Schools on the contributions which can be made to convert Tourism into a trade that the local communities can benefit from .

We have a very successful on going project with Wild Drift Pvt Ltd – A Management Training Company that conducts their programmes in the wilderness. Eco Team conducts all nature and adventure related activities for them and has included the concept of Conservation responsibilities as a value addition to every programme conducted.
Encouraging local industries

Our programmes / activities are designed to give our clients a taste of skills / long history / Nature friendliness & practicality of local/rural industries.

Key Community / Environmental projects that Eco Team has lent patronage to
:: Adopting a Baby Elephant

Udawalawe Elephant Transit Home is a place, where over 30 baby elephants are being taken care of with minimum human interaction after being separated from the mother Elephants. The Mothers of these babies are either killed or displaced due to the non ending Elephant –Human conflict in Sri Lanka.


The transit home provides food, medical care, and everything else a baby elephant needs in its formative years. When the elephants are strong enough to fend for themselves, they are released into the wilderness.


As the Wildlife Department can't afford to fund this project on their own, private sector contributions are welcomed & Eco Team was one of the very first Companies who volunteered to sponsor the cost of maintaining a baby Elephant for 2 Years. This baby named "MALATHI"was released to the Udawalawe Jungles early this year and is now leading a normal life in the wilderness.

Pambahinna Rural Hospital Project.
Pambahinna Hospital is located in a small hamlet in the Ratnapura District . This hospital serves the villagers in the locality as well as many other outlying villages .Eco Team initiated a complete renovation of this hospital through the Overseas School of Colombo.
Seelogama Nursery school.
We have initiated another mega project in Seelogama – a small village in the Same District of Ratnapura to uplift the standards of the only pre school available in the area. The International School of Amsterdam is looking into the financial aspect of the project , which goes much beyond the physical improvement to the buildings as it takes care of the educational needs of the children / requirements of the teachers / Health issues etc. We have successfully completed the first phase of this project and are currently on the verge of completing the second phase.
Providing Employment opportunities and Training to SOS.

SOS is a world wide NGO which offers an alternative to foster care by providing children and Youth with families and permanent homes and communities to live and work in. We work very closely with its Sri Lankan chapter and have offered opportunities in our staff to several Youth who benefit from the scheme



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