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Luxury Safari camps in Sri Lanka.Our Tented Safari Camps are among best in Asia. We have located our luxury safari camps at most suitable campsites in all national wild life parks in Sri Lanka.Most sought after wild life in these Asia's best game reserves are Elephants / Leopards / Sloth Bears / Crocodiles / many more mammals and bird species.Join us for an unforgettable camping Safari Tour in Sri Lanka.
Mahoora Luxury Safari Camping



Mahoora Explorer Camping
Our most popular Elite Camping Locations

Yala National Park

Udawalwe National Park
Bundala National Park
Singharaja Rain Forest
Knuckels Mountain Range
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Mahoora explorer camping

Eco Team: luxury camp siteIn our Mahoora explorer camping programmes, guests are provided with all the necessary comforts and services to make the whole experience completely ‘hassle-free'. 

Comfortable mattresses and pillows, bed linen, towels, torches/flash-lights, umbrellas and are just some of the little touches that make your camping experience extra special.

The whole campsite is set up by our Eco Team staff prior to the guests’ arrival so all you have to do is sit back and relax!  In the evening, the camp is lit up by a roaring campfire and copra torches and guest can enjoy a mouthwatering menu of food and beverages.

Eco Team: evening campfire

Eco Team camp: sit back and relax Eco Team: camp safarie

Camp Food

The food at our outdoor locations are prepared on site enabling us to serve our guests, fresh, clean and tasty meals. To ensure nothing but the best for our discerning clientele, we always deploy our most experienced senior chef /s for our camping excursions. Additionally the guests are made to feel at home by our equally experienced, courteous & friendly stewards.

Comfortable dining arrangements are in place and a basic Ala – cart menu is served. We always strive to oblige special requests from clients such as celebrations of Birthdays & Anniversaries on location and many such events have been held amidst much Joy & happiness.


Ample stock of beverages - alcoholic, soft and mineral water would be available for purchase at the site.

Wines too could be made available on prior request. Chilled beverages will be made available during Safaris

Other Services
  • Unlimited safari time
  • Fully illuminated site in the night
  • Uniformed experienced staff

Camp Sites

The campsites we offer, would be “our” own or those that fall under the purview of The Wildlife/Forest Department. The best available campsites are chosen, Depending on the requirement of the guests'

The site would be arranged in a eye-catching and pleasant environment to provide the guests a wonderful experience. Nights at our camps are a splendid experience , with the glowing embers of a campfire & the illuminations placed strategically around the site.


We provide Insect and Waterproof tents, equipped with appropriate furniture to ensure a safe and blissful nights sleep.

Toilets & bathrooms

For the convenience and comfort of our guests, our camping toilets are equipped with portable commodes and commode showers. For the guest who wish to avoid natural water sources for bathing, portable showers are provided.


We consider safety as one of our prime concerns and in this regard the following regulations are in place.

Camping & Safety Regulations

As the most suitable course of action with regard to safety is to be aware of camping rules & regulations, the first thing we do is to provide our guests with a booklet outlining same on arrival at the camp.

Lighting of camp

Whilst we illuminate the camp with a campfire, oil or copra torches & surrounded by lanterns, we ensure that the campfire and lanterns do not dwindle till morning.


A Fully alert ,on call security officer would be posted throughout the night

Fire Point

To ensure that the campsite is free from fire hazards , we have a fully equipped fire point in the camp consisting of a Fire Extinguisher, Water pails, Sand buckets etc.

Clients & press reviews

“At dusk, when everybody else had left through the park gates, we settle down to watch the animals from the comfort of our own camp beside the Walawe river.The Mahoora campsite is luxury in the wilderness. Our tent has its own patio, living room, double bed and even a shower room with a flushing toilet. Five-course dinners are served on tables lain with white linen cloths, sparkling china and gleaming silverware.Lanterns strung romantically in the trees keep the wildlife away but the midnight trumpeting leaves you in no doubt that they're out there, watching.”

GILL Williams [Travel Editor – Sunday Mirror ] traveled to Sri Lanka with Hayes & Jarvis (0870 850 3656, on a Wildlife of Ceylon tour. Logistic arrangements of her entire tour was handled by Eco Team & Hemtours. She stayed in Udawalwe National Park Mahoora Luxury camp and Knuckles mountain range Mahoora explorer camp during her tour.

"We did enjoy our stay at Sinharaja, entirely.

The 5 staff members at the camp were most wonderful! Sanpath(Naturalist) was very knowledgeable, spoke English very well, was committed to conservation, and very pleasant. He was always ready to help with anything, and we could not have wished for a better, scientifically trained person to show us the wildlife and flora.

Our cook was marvelous  - the food was excellent! He could easily work in a first-class hotel/restaurant. The meat was done perfectly the vegetables were done to a T, and the salads were crisp and fresh. He made me string hoppers for breakfast on special request, although this is very difficult to do in a camp...
The "waiter" was very good - attentive, correct in doing the dishes and cutlery, and very polite and friendly. Again, he would be an asset to any first-class establishment.
The tents were clean and well set up, the flares, open fire, oil lamps and BBQ a very nice touch, and the toilets as good as you can get them under rainforest camp conditions. I also appreciated the running water on tap."

Waltraud Ernst UK 11 – 12 August 2006
Sinharaja - Camping

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