DAMBANA is a remote jungle village of indigenous people, situated about 300km from Colombo. The population of these indigenous ‘Veddha’ people now consists of only about 350 families.




Modern lifestyle - cause
for all ills

Vedda Chief Wannila Aththo tells Int'l Medical Congress in Colombo


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Dambana - Village of Indigenous People of Sri Lanka

: Dambana - Village of Indigenous People of Sri Lanka
: 1 Night / 2 Days - 2 Nights / 3 Days

"I.learned to know and love the Veddahs for simplicity, a special kind of decency among themselves that is harder to find today. As forests receded and vanished to make way for development the shy jungle people were netted into inevitable proximity with the newcomers against all their instincts."
-Christine Wilson, quoted in the preface to her father's book about the Veddah,
Wild Ceylon (R.L. Spittle)

Dambana is the home for these people whose predicament is aptly described by Ms. Christine Wilson. Their present situation is even more demanding and arduous. On one hand they are fighting to keep their members from getting commercialized and on the other hand, the authorities blame them for getting commercialized and keep away from looking into their grievances. They are fighting a lone loosing battle. In one recent interview the Chief "Uruwarige Wanniyaleththo" said that his greatest fear is that he will not be able to stop the death of the Veddah way of life. Since their livelihood is now changed completely, they are depending more and more on earning money to sustain them.

To observe their way of life and participate in their traditional and cultural activities it is best to spend some pre-arranged time with them on a pre-arranged programme. Camping near the Veddah Village and getting involved with them in these activities would surely be a very important and memorable event in anyone's life.

ne of their traditional forms of invoking the blessings of gods is a famous dance called "Kiri Koraha". There are few other traditional activities that are part of their lives. The main activity is hunting.

Day 1 - Dambana [FB]

  • The guests can be met at the Dambana junction and escorted to the camp for a typical and delightful Sri Lankan lunch. After lunch and a little leisure time, the visit to the Veddah village and a meeting with the Chief - Wanniyaleththo is arranged followed by the famous "Kiri Koraha" dance, which they perform to invoke blessings from the gods.
  • Back in camp a very delectable barbecue dinner will await the guests.

Day 2 - Dambana [FB]

  • After breakfast, a second visit to the Village, with a packed lunch, is arranged to observe and participate in other activities and for final chat with the Chief.
  • Packed lunch could be partaken in the Veddah Village
  • Although we may not be able to go on an actual hunting trip with them, they will not hesitate to depict to us the pros and cons of hunting and enact how they set about it.
  • Watching them making their traditional bow & arrow- made out of natural material- too would be another interesting activity.
  • In addition to hunting, another important way of catching prey is by setting traps. Out of many such traps, "Habaka" is a simple form used to catch small animals, which they will demonstrate in a very practical way.
  • Another interesting activity to witness would the extracting honey from a honeycomb from a tree. This activity, which could be very dangerous to a layman, is handled with ease by these men.
  • Dinner & overnight stay at a fully serviced movable camp.

[A safari to Muduruoya National Park could be arranged as an optional activity.]

Day 3 - Departure

Departure after breakfast.



Mahoora Standard Camp

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2 Nights / 3 Days Tour


** On the second day the clients will leave before the breakfast.


Mahoora Luxury Camp

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2 Nights / 3 Days Tour


** On the second day the clients will leave before the breakfast.

Discounted rates are available for 3 pax and above.


Jeep Safari in Maduruoya National Park
US $ 115 for 2 Pax
[Excluding the Transportation up to the Park]



  • Experienced Naturalist & local guides to explore & activities.
  • Detailed English description about the site & check list of birds.
  • Camp site fees.
  • Accommodation at a fully serviced movable Standard / Luxury camp. (lunch will be served in the jungle as a picnic lunch on day 2)
  • All taxes & service charges.
  • Coordination of the entire tour with all Government/Non governmental and local authorities and obtaining permission from relevant authorities.
  • Backup vehicles where possible with communication equipment.
  • Providing all First Aid and emergency crisis management plans at the sites.
  • Charges for the Team of Veddas for performance.
  • Charges for the interpreter for translations.
  • Fee for the Chief.


  • Transportation up to the Camp.
  • Any additional beverages or food, which would be ordered extra.
  • Any tips to the staff.
  • Any personal effects not mentioned here.


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  • 90 Days to 30 Days - 250 US $ Administrative fee or 10% of the tour fee which ever is higher.
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  • 8 Days to 13 Days - 250 US $ admin fee will be charged and 75 % of the tour cost will be kept to be utilized for a future booking. Balance will be refunded.
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Modern lifestyle - cause for all ills

Daily News
Monday,November 24,2008

Sri Lanka's Vedda Community Chief Uruwarige Wannila Aththo told the World Congress of Integrated Medicines at their 46th annual conference held at the BMICH in Colom­bo on Friday last week "You have invited me to speak on our traditional system of medicines may be to see what you can get from us to meet your medical problems most of which are rooted in the modern lifestyle that you have adopted to live in.

We Veddas are living with nature in the natural envi­ronment and our medical systems are nature based and traditional. I don't think you can follow us in toto; but my advice for you is to stop destroying the natural environment in planning your development work. I don't see any benefit for human life in destroying nature gifted trees, plants and flowers and replacing them with industry made artificial trees, plants and flowers which you are doing now.

My advice for you is to get the people to curtail destroying the environment in planning development as much as possible. That's the best for human health and health of the world as well.

He thanked Dr. Githan-jana Mendis Chairman Medicine Alternative and the Open International Uni­versity for Complementary Medicine, and Director General of Sports Medicine Ministry of Sports Sri Lanka, for inviting him to the Congress as a special honoured guest and for get­ting him to speak at the Congress. He spoke in the vedda native language and it was translated into Sinhala and English.


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