Sea Planes / Air Taxies
The destination without a journey u always dreamed of.
Domestic Aircraft
Quicker, efficient and flexible mode of transportation.
Experience the thrill and excitement of a private helicopter flight over the paradise.



Enjoy the freedom of flight, with a Helicopter journey. In the world of travel, this gives you true empowerment. Fly anywhere, anytime you want, and without the hassle of checking in to an airport.  Helicopter travel opens up new dimension in the skies of Sri Lanka and offers a breathtaking perspective whether for weddings, sightseeing, corporate events, constructions projects,  aerial photography and filming.

Choose the air craft to your needs with most of the helicopters are with leather seats for your comfort.


Flight Times
Flying will be done between 0600 HRS and 1800 HRS under visibility conditions acceptable to the pilot in command.

Presently we fly to any destination in Sri Lanka other than the uncleared areas in the North and East. We have been given the approval to land in any location - and are NOT restricted to landing only in government controlled airfields - all we require is a 15 x 25
Metro area to land. With our helicopters now you can fly directly to your destination, No Airports required.

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