Trekking and Nature Trails in Horton Plains National Park, Sri Lanka
Horton Plains National Park, Sri Lanka.



Accommodation Options
Comments from our Valued Clients
"The hospitality of the camp staff and the environment was the most unforgettable thing in the camping tour. Arrangements and comfort of the campsite was fantastic"
By Francesca Vila- Spain
Visited 09/08/04

Mahoora high altitude Camp in Horton Plains

Camping is the ideal way to enjoy being close to nature. The Horton Plains camping is not for the faint-hearted. This is a unique camping situation in Sri Lanka offered at an altitude of 7000 ft above mean sea level. If you are mentally prepared for the weather conditions, it is a wonderful experience you cannot get anywhere else in Sri Lanka. This camping package offers the basic comforts in accommodation and if your expectation of camping is minimalistic in terms of accommodation comfort and choice of food, our staff would help you get the best experience possible at the Hortain Plains.

Camp food

The food will be freshly prepared basic camp meals. Camping stools will be provided along with the basic cutlery & crockery.  Since we are in a highly restricted area, open flame cooking is not permitted thus BBQ meals cannot be offered. However to compensate we can offer you grilled meat just as succulent and tasty!


Unlimited ceylon tea and coffee will be served in the campsite. Tea and coffee is the best beverage to rely on, in these climatic conditions! Alcoholic beverages are not permitted inside the National Park. A limited range of soft drinks will be available in the campsite.


Being a high mountain the weather conditions in this camp site can be quiet harsh and unpredictable at times. You could face extreme weather conditions such as strong winds, heavy rain and biting cold in the night. We offer adventurous participatory campsite which is very closer to the nature in Horton Plains. Vehicle access is limited and you would need to trek for 2 km to the camp site. Of course our staff would help carry your belongings to the site


The camps provided are unlike any other camping accommodation provided in other parts of the island. These are the camps of the real adventure traveler, designed to withstand the harsh weather conditions. The accommodation will be in water proof tent with basic facilities. A sleeping bag will be provided at the night and the tents will be covered with fly sheets during the night.

Erecting tents against the heavy winds in the National Park is an adventure itself!

Toilets & Bathrooms

Toilets and washing facilities will be provided with Squatting pans in permanent structure provided by the Department of Wildlife Conservation. Again please do not expect a five star toilet/shower facility at the Hortain Plains! It is really an adventure!

Bathing and washing can be done in the natural pool situated close to the campsite. We must warn you that the water would be rather cold.

Other Services

  • Service of well experience Naturalist/ Team Leader.
  • Illuminated site in the night with lanterns.
  • Local guides / trekkers for the trekking Trails.


We consider safety as one of our prime concerns and in this regard the following regulations are in place.

Camping & safety regulations

As the most suitable course of action with regard to safety is to be aware of camping rules & regulations, the first thing we do is to provide our guests with a booklet outlining same on arrival at the camp.

Lighting of the camp

Since we are in a highly restricted area, we are not permitted to light the campfire or light flame torches inside the Horton Plains national park. However the site will be illuminated with lanterns during the night.


A Fully alert ,on call security officer would be posted throughout the night

Fire Point

To ensure that the campsite is free from fire hazards , we have a fully equipped fire point in the camp consisting of a Fire Extinguisher, Water pails, Sand buckets etc.

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