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Comments from our Valued Clients
Dear Chathurani

This is with regard to the tour organized by Eco Team under the coordination of you for HSBC Kandy branch staff on 23th & 24th of April 2011.

The entire package was well designed and executed resulting us enjoying every part of thoroughly. The safety aspect was also given due consideration which allowed my staff to ride in the hot air balloon without any fear.

I take this opportunity to thank you and Eco Team for the wonderful support extended to us to experience  such a "wow" event.

All the best and continue the good work!

Best regards,

Manoj De Silva
Branch Manager - Kandy Branch | HSBC
No 27 Cross Street Kandy - Sri Lanka

Hot Air Ballooning Tours - Sri Lanka

185 USD per person

Hot Air Ballooing in Sri LankaImagine floating over some of Sri Lanka's dramatically varied landscape ranging from the world heritage sites, Lakes and Rivers  ,Cultural sites , Local urban homesteads....

Hot Air Ballooning is a relatively new activity to Sri Lanka, but in response to the ongoing search for new and exciting ways of seeing the country, it provides a remarkable experience never to be forgotten. With no two flight paths the same, it really will be a unique journey. All hot air balloons are manufactured in the UK, where balloon pilots are also trained by instructors licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka. Throughout the flight, an experienced ground crew (following the flight path in a jeep) are in constant communication with the pilot of the balloon, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. So all you need to do is relax, enjoy the peace and quiet and admire the views of Sri Lanka!

N.B. Hot Air Ballooning is dependant on weather conditions so the best season for flying is October to April when light winds and lack of rain prevail.
Your Typical Flight
The Hot Air balloon flight is made up of a total travel experience of approx 4-hrs duration starting with your arrival, the preparation and inflation of the balloon, flight briefing, takeoff, the flight, landing & retrieval and return to your hotel after a champagne breakfast.

A typical flight is scheduled in the early morning i.e. Sunrise , with flights commencing soon after dawn. The exact start time varies depending on the season and will be nominated when you make your booking. The Pilot will reconfirm with you between 7 pm and 8 pm the day prior to your flight. Generally the arrival time at the launching point is 0630am.

On the morning of your flight you should arrange a wake up call from your hotel one hour prior to the meeting time. If for any reason the flight is cancelled i.e. due to weather, we will contact you. But you must be in reach of a telephone or be able to be reached i.e. via your hotel with room number. On the assumption that Sunrise is at approx 0700hrs then the following would apply as a typical flight.

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Ballooning Itinerary
06:00-06:15 am

Transfer from hotel to takeoff point. Your pickup time will be confirmed the eveningprior. Ready for departure in the hotel Lobby as our driver calls through.

07.00 - 07:30 am

Experience the fun of assisting the pilot and crew in preparing the balloon for takeoff.Our experienced crew will help you assist in getting the 350,000 cu foot envelope ready for inflation which is always as memorable as the journey.Enjoy the picturesque landscape at sunrise, as nature awakens to the first rays of the
new day and your planned 60 (approx.) minute flight. Breathe in the wide-open spaces,the panorama, nature & the spectacular landmarks.

08:00 - 08.30 am

Landing…. the smiling faces and hearty welcomes of the local villagers move closer togreet you…. then the endeavors of the retrieval by our ground crew together with thepilot, at his best, displaying the finer techniques of landings and maneuvers. It’s all partof the flight experience. The final pack-up of the envelope and equipment plus lots of laughs & photos add to the memories.

08.30 - 0930 am

Coming down to earth and the reality of returning to life as seen from the ground, whilst retaining the perspective of that of a bird, we head for a deserving breakfast of champagne & fresh tropical fruits. Our van meets you and with the pilot you return to your hotel with your Flight Certificate in hand.

Note: Flight times will vary slightly based on the time of sunrise
Luxury Ballooning Package
Extra Sleep In 0630am

Chauffeured private pickup at your hotel, with time to spare taking you direct to the launch spot.

vehicle transfers Pre flight drinks


Arrive just in time to see your balloon inflate & sip a pre-flight drink. Take off & experience the fun & unique sensation of hot air ballooning. Your balloon floats for approx. an hour over the picturesque landscape at sunrise, breathe in the wide-open spaces and take in the best views with your binoculars.

60 minute scenic
Balloon Flight

Take in the unique views of landscapes, villages, people and landmarks with a wide panorama along the coastline only fully appreciated from the air and only at the intimate pace of a balloon flight.


On landing enjoy a tropical fruit, fresh fruit juice and Champagne Breakfast to toast your flight in the true French tradition.

Your resort &

Coming back to earth, you’ll be whisked off by your chauffeured vehicle to your resort, to enjoy a private breakfast….. on route if you wish!

Flight Certificate Late return

Maybe a stroll after breakfast or even make a picnic breakfast on route back to your hotel with a few more photographs! The return transfer is available at your disposal; please advise your driver when you wish to depart for your hotel. You will be issued with your flight certificate signed by your pilot.

Please inquire for the rates.

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