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"Kalu Ganga" Day Expedition
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Canoe in the Hills - 1 Night / 2 Days Excursion
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Kayaking and Canoeing Tours in Kalu Ganga - Sri Lanka
The KALU GANGA is a relaxing eco tourism destination and a relatively slow flowing river for most of the way, so there is no need for any specialist canoeing skills. Along the route you will be able to see many vegetation types and changing landscapes of Sri Lanka . Just passing the populated Ratnapura town area, the riverbank environment becomes more scenic and peaceful, with lonely sand collectors' houses surrounded by thick vegetation and palm trees! During most of the ride the only noises you will hear are the birds' calls and the sound of your paddle dipping into the calm water. For a bit more adventure, it is possible to continue on down the river where you will negotiate some basic rapids (full training will be given). The journey finishes at the west coast town of Kalutara which is famous for its impressive ‘Gangatilaka Vihara' (Buddhist shrine), fine basketware and the best mangosteens in Sri Lanka !

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