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Canoeing the Kalu Ganga

" From the vantage point of a canoe, Emma Boyle embarks on an epic river journey from Ratnapura to Kalutara to explore the unique way of life surrounding the mighty Kalu Ganga."

Serendib ~ January/February 2009
by Emma Boyle

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Crafts Specifications Used by Eco Team

Kayaking, Canoeing Tours in Sri LankaSIT ON TOPS- KAYAKS

This particular craft was developed in early 1980. It's a Subdivision of kayak and has certain features of a Canoe too. Sit on tops are fairly flat, surfboard-like crafts and have depressions for buttocks, legs and feet.

Lack of close marriage of peddler to craft differentiates this with true kayaking. Peddler sits on the top of the craft and takes the grip from the foot wells. Your seated position is little higher than a Kayak.

Can even surf the ocean or river rapids. You will need lot of skills to negotiate white water.
  • Length Overall 12 ft
  • Width 34 in
  • Depth 12 in
  • Weight 80 lbs
  • Maximum Capacity 425 lbs
  • Capacity Two plus One and Provisions
  • Features and Accessories Moulded Seat x 3, Open Cockpit, Foot wells, Bow Spray Deflector, 2Paddles, Green Colour.
Versatility and stability have made this "Kayak" the most popular sit-on-top model. Three moulded seat wells make it easy for solo or tandem padding, You can even take on a third passenger (Depending on total weight) which make it perfect for padding as a family.
Open cockpit; three moulded seat wells; moulded foot wells; self-bailing scupper holes; bow and stern carrying handles; threaded drain plug; bow spray defector.
All kayak's are constructed of fiberglass using imported Lloyd's approved chopped Stand mat, Polyester Gel coat, Resin and other selected raw materials. Not suitable for rivers that has rocks etc, as it will not resist for big impacts.
Three of those are provided for the craft. Inside each hatch is a bucket insert for storage of easily accessible small items. The Buckets are removable allowing for further storage of items inside the Kayak.
The hatch Covers are strapped down making the entire Kayak buoyant. The outside of the Kayak provided for self draining through the stern and 4 scupper hole.
Twine bladed 2 paddles are available for each sit on top.
Kayaking, Canoeing Tours in Sri Lanka Kayaking, Canoeing Tours in Sri Lanka Kayaking, Canoeing Tours in Sri Lanka

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