Eco Team Trekking Camp and Corbet's View Lodge in Knuckles Moutain range.



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Accommodation in Knuckles Mountains
We offer three different accommodation options at Knuckles - 'CORBET'S VIEW' LODGE, MEEMURE VILLAGE CAMP and the ECO TEAM TREKKERS CAMP.
Corbent's view lodge - Knuckles mountain range Sri LankaCORBET'S VIEW' LODGE
CORBET'S VIEW' LODGE is so named because it is positioned looking directly out towards Corbet's Gap in the Knuckles Mountain Range.  However, that is in no way all that can be seen from the lodge!  This is a unique location with a unique opportunity to experience what it is like to live right in the heart of the mountains.  The panoramic views are particularly dramatic in the morning when a colourful sunrise illuminates the skies.  Life at the lodge offers guests the chance to escape fast-paced city life, providing an environment of complete relaxation in simple but very comfortable accommodation.
Meemure Village Camp - with Eco Team Sri LankaMEEMURE VILLAGE CAMP
MEEMURE VILLAGE CAMP offers guests an opportunity to experience what it is like to live in the ancient isolated village of Meemure.  The village is situated deep into the Knuckles wilderness area where the local people have maintained their traditional and cultural attitudes towards the forest's existence.  They rely heavily on the forest for their survival and gain as much as 63% of their total income from the forest resources.
Eco Team Trekking Camp - Riverston - Sri LankaECO TEAM TREKKERS CAMP is located in the Bay Group Estate, Riverston (northern part of the Knuckles Range), at an altitude of 1400m above sea level.  It is a magical place to revel in the sheer beauty of the sun rising behind the Manigala peak, gradually illuminating the vast valley below.  After a fascinating day exploring the area, guests are welcomed back to the camp with a hearty barbecue meal, an opportunity for a refreshing bath in the nearby brook and an evening of stargazing and simply enjoying the wonder of their surroundings.

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