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Bustling NEGOMBO town is a historically interesting place, strongly influenced by the Catholic Church. The narrow strip of land between the lagoon & the sea and the many canals make for good exploring.

The Dutch captured the town from the Portuguese in 1640, lost it again in the same year, and then captured it again in 1644. The British then took it from them in 1796 without a struggle. NEGOMBO was one of the most important sources of cinnamon during the Dutch era, and there are still reminders of the European days in Negombo's environment.NEGOMBO is also a major tourist resort whose proximity to the gateway to the island makes it an ideal first-night or last-night stopover.

Water sports dominate at NEGOMBO, although it must be said that the beach is not the best to be had on the west coast. There is good swimming, however, as well as surfing, skin-diving, and windsurfing. Indeed, Negombo has become a centre for national and international windsurfing championships.

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