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Sri Lanka, a breathtakingly beautiful island set in Indian Ocean, where the sun shines tweleve hours a day.

Sri Lanka offers a wide variety of locations which the Academy Award winning director, Sir Carol Reed after shooting his film in Sri Lanka said, "The whole of Sri Lanka is a film set".

Numerous international films have been shot in Sri Lanka.From Carol Reed's adaptions of Joseph Conard's "Outcasts of the Islands", John and Bo Derek's version of "Tarzan the Ape man",David Lean's "Bridge on the River Kwai", to Stephen Spielberg's "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" and most recently,Jungle Book","Mother Theresa" and Deepa Meheta's Controversial film "Water".

Excellent accommodations are available at almost all locations, from basic lodges to star hotels with excellent service and facilities.

The Government of Sri Lanka, through the Sri Lanka Tourist Board and the National film corporation of Sri Lanka has made the facilitation of the permissions and the permits easy and has also eliminated the numerous obstacles that are often in the way of a film production.

Film location service companies could provide the production with the most up-to-date equipment in the region, including ARRIFLEX Camera's, the newest lighting equipment, Blimped Generators, Cranes, Dollies and Other grip equipment, motor homes, Speed boats and a variety of aircraft.

Sir Arthur C Clarke, the famous science fiction writer and the prophet of space technology who has made Sri Lanka his home says, "The Island of Sri Lanka is a small universe, it contains as many variations of culture, Scenery and climate as some countries a dozen times its size."


The national film corporation of Sri Lanka is the sole authority to grant approvals for production of films by foreign producers, as per Act.No.47 of 1971 and Act.No.45 of 1980 (Amendment).

The foreign producers are required to provide the synopsis, film script, list of facilities expected locally and the intended investment. Then Eco Team would obtain assistance in regulatory and procedural matters including requirements of Sri Lanka customs and arranging economical rates to cover the air fare, lodging and local transport. Nominal fees shall be charged by us for the services.

  • The National film corporation of Sri Lanka under the virtue of power vested in it under Act.No.47 of 1971 and amended by Act.No.45 of 1980 is the sole Authority to grant Approval for the production of foreign feature films, TV series, Co-Productions, TV Commercials, and Documentaries etc in Sri Lanka .
  • The foreign producer shall submit a script of the film and corporation shall scrutinize it prior to the approval. The producer or the local Agent shall pay the fees relevant
  • The foreign party shall provide a synopsis along with the script for crating by the corporation.
  • The foreign party shall submit a list of local skills required and clearance should be obtained from the corporation for all such recruitment and any engagements outside such a declaration the corporation shall not hold responsible and the producer shall be held responsible for any adverse developments created by such unauthorized personnel shall be covered by Insurance as may be applicable and for a sum not less than Rs.100,000/=
  • The producer shall apply for provision of local crews other than the producer, Director and Cameraman The producer or the local Agent shall pay the fees relevant. All recruited personnel shall be covered by insurance as may be a applicable and for a sum not less than Rs.1,000,000/=
  • Fore expatriate recruitment of technicians and Artistes (other than the producer, Director and cameramen) approximately Rs.2,000/= per person.
  • An officer shall be appointed by the National film corporation for the duration of the arrangements and all the relevant costs related to the food, lodging and other necessities shall be the responsibility of the producer. If it is a joint production, the arrangements by the local party shall be adequate. The fee per day is Rs.625/=
  • No shooting of a foreign film or a Co-production shall commence without prior approval of the corporation which shall coordinate with all the relevant authorities and the clients. The corporation shall charge levy to cover the services that shall include the necessary Sri Lanka customs approvals related to all the material brought in on the re-export basis.
  • The producer of the foreign film shall declare the items and the value of inputs brought in for the production and the funding brought in for the purpose.
  • The producer shall furnish a projected financial program for the project and a comprehensive Report shall be filed at the time of Application for the Re-Export of material and equipment brought in and the balances of material after the completion of the project. (This is connected to the duty free facility offered at the time of entry.)
  • A program of location shooting will have to be submitted initially and such will be studied together with the appointed Corporation officials for finalization and the actual prevailing charges shall have to be paid to the corporation for arranging all the necessary permits from the relevant authorities, where necessary. The covering approval from the relevant Deputy Inspector General of Police shall provide the producers with a hassle free shooting program. Department of Archaeology, Central Cultural fund, Director of Wild Life, Director of Zoological Gardens are some of the main frequent authorities and depending on the storyline, relevant authorities may have to be approached. Eco Team will Handel all that for you for a nominal fee.


  • The Producer or the local Agent shall provide the corporation with the anticipated budget and proof regarding its availability.
  • In the cases of complete filming of a story in Sri Lanka, the producer shall provide the opportunity for the corporation to view what has been shot in Sri Lanka and in the cases of completing a film elsewhere, the Producer has to provide a DVD of the completed story for previewing and no approval shall be processed unless this condition is met before its release anywhere in the world.
  • The producer shall offer the completed film to be screened in Sri Lanka through National Film Corporation based on mutually agreed terms and conditions and reserves the right to select what may be suitable to Sri Lanka only.
  • At least 50% of the crews should be of Sri Lanka origin.
  • Only Co-productions shall be allowed to be dubbed into local languages. for screening in Sri Lanka
  • The proceeds of the joint productions shall be shared according to the agreements between the parties and according to the percentages agreed between the corporations in case of a contribution by the corporation.
  • This facility is promoted under part.1 Section 4(d) and (e) of the National film Corporation Act No.47 of 1971
  • The expatriate producers of all the films shot in Sri Lanka are expected to give credit for such work by indicating "FILMED IN SRI LANKA " in the film & promotional (whatever) material to acknowledge utilization of Sri Lanka Locations.

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