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Through Paradise By Train (1 N 2 D tour in the hill country)
Railway Time Table
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Meals on wheels in the Tea factory...........

Day 01
  • Arrival at the Tea Factory kandapola [ Pickup could be arranged from where you are based too]
  • Check in to your room and relax or do a guided tour in the Tea Factory.
  • Dinner at the TCK 6685.



In 1897, under the patronage of Nuwara Eliya's Assistant Government Agent Lushington, the Hill Tramway Commission explored the possibility of opening a light railway or tramway. A trace of light in this regard was shed in 1903 with the completion of the line from Nanu Oya to Udapussellawa, with a terminus in Ragala.

The narrow gauge line gave its passengers a rather jerky ride due to the extra ordinary sharp curves on the journey, but they were adequately compensated by a splendid view of cultivated tea and pristine forests.The service was in operation for 36 years.

However, it was stopped for passenger traffic in 1940 and completely closed down in 1950. Vestiges of the line still remain in a stout iron railway bridge near the race course, the railway station at Nuwara Eliya and the stops at Brook side and Ragala, which have now been converted into shops.
New Era…  

The Management of the Tea Factory at Kandapola affords its clientele the nostalgic simulation of yester-years' uncrowded days of train travel in Sri Lanka with its spotless restaurant facilities and hearty meals served by liveried stewards .T

The TCK 6685, having been in slumber for more than 50 years, has reawakened with a toot at the Tea Factory Hotel as an authentic restaurant of the 1930's. The carriage, having found respectability after many years, has its burgundy and mustard yellow numbers painted, the brass polished to perfection and the teak panelling replaced to its former glory.

The full-size replica of the toy train's restaurant, sitting on its small-gauge rails is open for fine dining with no doubt a shrill whistle, with a cheery “All aboard” and a wave of the green flag by the Maitre'd. Read more……
  • Over night at the Tea Factory Hotel

Day 02

  • Breakfast at the hotel

After the breakfast you are given and opportunity to Pluck your own tea from the Hethersett estate and process it in the hotels miniature tea factory.

  • Lunch at the hotel.
  • Departure to you next destination.

( This programme could be done from the 1 st day lunch to 2 nd day breakfast also.)

More about wheels on meals………..

The food, personally selected by the guest, could be prepared with an infusion of Western class with Eastern aromas.

The gourmet adventure begins with a scrumptious starter that whets the appetite. Here the range could vary from orange smoked salmon, to the most delectable dish of duck you've ever had in your life.

Next in line is the main course that's bought in with a great deal of pageantry, and ‘whistle blowing' – in typical train style. Here, one would get anything between a hefty portion of traditional Australian lamb, asparagus tips with honey glazed ham or a tropical lobster thermidor. One could even select a combination of items, depending on the mood they are in, and a sure guarantee is that it would leave you asking for more. However, one must not forget the most important part of the meal – the dessert.

The Chef displays his supremacy through this invention, which could be anything from a dark and white chocolate mouse, to a warm rhubarb crumble with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

All of these, elegantly served by white-glove clad ‘attendants' in railway uniform, adds to the moment. Most of the fruits and vegetables served at meals are extremely fresh, as they are cultivated in the vegetable plantations in the vicinity, thus ensuring the best quality for the perfect dining experience.

In addition, the bar is well stocked with the finest wines and a unique collection of accompaniments, to add flavour to a delightful evening. Thereby, this restaurant at the Tea Factory is assured to provide a nostalgic walk down memory lane for many. For others, it would provide an unforgettable experience that would last for a life time. This restaurant has truly re-invented the concept of fine dining, and provides a gastronomical adventure to the discerning traveller.

Hotels in Sri Lanka-Nuwara Eliya
Tea Factory,Kandapola

The Tea Factory lies on the slopes of the tea plantations at Kandapola, high above the popular hill country town of Nuwara Eliya. It is what it says – a beautifully converted tea factory – and offers high-grade accommodation in a unique setting.


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