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Important Facts about Sinharaja Rain forest Sri Lanka
Sinharaja World Heritage
  • Its situated in the south west of sri lanka at Latitudes 6' 21' - 6' 26' and Longitudes 80' 25' - 80' 34'
  • Spans over the districts of Rathnapura Galle and Matara extent is 11187 ha.
  • The length of the forest is 21km and the maximum width is 7km while minimum with is 3km.

Sinharaja Forest

  • Was declared a Sinharaja forest reserve in gazette No 404 in 8 th of May 1875.
  • Timber was removed from about 2025 ha of the Sinharaja under selective felling from 1972 to 1977.
  • These felling were ceased & declared a man and biosphere reserve MAB in 1978.
  • Was declared a national heritage wilderness site in 1988 & a world heritage site in 1989.
  • The maximum height of the Sinharaja forest is 1170 m from sea level while minimum height is 90 m.
  • Annual rainfall lies within 3000 - 6000 mm while average temperature is about 23' C - 25' C
  • Stratification is clearly visible in Sinharaja forest which is a wet evergreen forest.
  • The total density of flora belonging to each category is around 240 00 individuals per hectare.
  • There are 340 timber species and out of these 192 are endemics to Sri Lanka out of these endemic species are represented only in Sinharaja forest.
  • Out of endemic, 72 reptiles 21, 19 Amphibians 10, 20 bord species 18, 12 mammal species 08 have made Sinharaja site as their dwelling place.
  • Out of 25 plant gar era endemic to Sri Lanka 13 are found in Sinharaja.

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