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Rock climbing Tours in Sri Lanka

Rock climbing in BabaraRelatively new activity for us and to the country…
But that situation offers you many opportunities to be part of new discoveries ….new climbing routes….

For less serious climbers we have some exciting routes that are already developed including the rock face of Sri Lank’s highest waterfall ‘Bambarakanda’

If you are a professional climber …be a part of our discovery missions where we can work as a team and explore!

As an appreciation for your part of the guidance, only the actual cost of the tour will be charged.


This is a great sport which combines fitness and psychological factors.Rock climbing is a physically and mentally demanding sport, one that often tests a climber's strength, endurance, agility and balance along with his mental control.
Driving from Eco Teams resort the river garden which is along Beli Hul Oya that begins at the Bambarakanda waterfall - The tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka the drive is just magnificent. Driving by hilly mountains and scenic views for 10 to 15 minutes will bring you to a very narrow way side turn that leads a road to the Bambarakande. With Tall trees and other plantations on either side of the steep narrow path the atmosphere seems much greener as you feel the temperature slightly drop the further you travel uphill.
A stop at the end of the narrow road will mean you have to trek to the Rock Climbing starting point. A guide will lead you through some thick tall grasslands and trees and some unpredictable rocky terrain which gets discovered as youcut through the wilderness. When you head further up all you hear as you trek through is the sound of twigs breaking with every step you take, The silence is palpable.
Arriving at the starting point you’ll look above to see the steep climb that will be your challenge. The view from bottom will not show you the whole length of the rope harness laid out along the rock face. You will only discover the climb through climbing itself!
The guides will help you with a quick strap on harness and helmet that you will be supported on to ensure a safe climb. One of the helpers at the location will give you a demonstration on how the activity is to be performed, you will be taught ways in which to avoid injuries and be safe. Once hooked on to the rope you feel the adrenaline pumping as you take your first steps.You can get to the first level of climbing within about 20 minutes if you are a pro. Here you can capture some images of the height covered and the view is just brilliant. Then comes the “the hidden path”!
 Towards the top end it gets tougher and the support of physical strength is more needed but accomplishing your way to the  top the view again is even better you get anall-around view only blocked by the rock face slightly.It is time to feel good! After all it’s the mountain from which Sri Lanka’s highest waterfall cascades down… the expedition is concluded with a trek to the water fall and a refreshing dip at its base.

Saajid Mahzoon- Eco Team ( February, 2011)

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