Heritage and Wildlife in Sri Lanka.
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Buttala – Explore Sri Lanka's Heritage and Wildlife

The area surrounding BUTTALA is part of the Monaragala district in south-eastern SRI LANKA . According to the 5th century Buddhist chronicle "Mahavamsa", Buttala itself was situated on the northern border of King Dutugemunu's Ruhunu Kingdom as a defence base to be used on his way to ANURADHAPURA , making it a location of considerable cultural and historical importance as well as a prime eco tourism destination. The landscape is tremendously varied with abandoned chena fields, irrigation tanks, dense tall dry zone forests, thorny scrub jungle, and many flowering trees and rare tropical woods (such as the protected ebony tree). The region also provides an ideal base from which to explore the famous YALA NATIONAL PARK , SRI LANK. The park was originally a reserve for hunters, but it was declared a protected area in 1900, a sanctuary in 1909, and a national park in 1938. It is a fascinating agglomeration of protected areas and consists of a variety of different ecosystems, essential for the diverse wildlife that inhabits it.

Tree Tops Jungle Lodge - Buttala
Tree Tops Jungle Lodge - Sri LankaOn a 'journey back to basics', TREE TOPS JUNGLE LODGE offers a real jungle experience in a nature retreat with simple clay huts blending discretely into their beautiful surroundings of virgin forest, rocky hills, and abundant wildlife.  The lodge is located near BUTTALA , in the Weliara wilderness, which is hidden between the Yala National Park and the Arahat Kanda mountains.  This unique location is an ideal place to lose oneself in a completely different environment and learn about the rich history and 'eco'-philosophy behind the whole 'Tree Tops' project.  You can choose to relax in a hammock and admire the prolific birdlife, take anative style bath at the freshwater well, enjoy the thrill of a bullock cart trip through the wilderness to the ancient temples, visit the herds of elephants at the Weliara lake, learn about the traditional ayurvedic plant medicine using the plants in the area around the lodge or even try your hand at the native art of cooking rice and curry!  With so much to see and do, it is quite possible to spend all your time in the close proximity of the lodge itself, but for those who want to venture further afield, it also provides an ideal base for exploring nearby locations of interest such as Yala National Park and various ancient Buddhist monuments.
Tree Tops Jungle Lodge - Sri Lanka Tree Tops Jungle Lodge - Sri Lanka Tree Tops Jungle Lodge - Sri Lanka

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