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Yala & Udawalwe National Parks- Elephant watching & Leopard spotting have never been this easy.
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Udawalawe National Wildlife Park , Sri Lanka

Udawalwe Safaris, Safaris in Udawalawe, Udawalawe Elephant Safari, Elephant Safaris UdawalaweUDAWALAWE NATIONAL PARK is located approximately 200 km south-east of Colombo city and is a major eco tourism destination in Sri Lanka . The 30,821 hectares dry zone game park has an annual rainfall of 1524 mm and an average temperature of 29.4°C.

It is most famous for the many elephants that live there (about 400 in total). During a visit, it is not unusual to see whole herds of adults and young elephants– feeding or bathing and playing in the water! In addition to this main attraction, the park is home to many water buffalo, water monitor lizards, sambar deer, monkeys and the occasional leopard, as well as being an exciting location for bird enthusiasts.

A 4WD open-top safari is the only way to see all the wonders that this protected reserve has to offer and our experienced and knowledgeable nature guides will make this an unforgettable experience.Read more about Udawalawe National Park ....

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Udawalawe National Park Sri Lanka, Udawalawe Wildlife Park Sri Lanka, Wildlife in Udawalawe, Udawalawe Wildlife History and the Description of the Udawalawe National Park:

The Udawalawa national park was established on 30 th July 1972.It lies in the lower catchment of Udawalawa Reservoir in the country's Intermediate Lowland region. This area falls into two administrative districts in two provinces. The parkland on the right bank of Walawe ganga is within Ratnapura district in the province of sabaragamuwa and the parkland on the left bank falls within Moneragala district in the province of Uva . This Park is located approximately between the latitudes 6 25'E and 6 35' N and longitudes 80 45'N and 81 00' E.

The dry land area of the Park is about 119 Sq miles or 308 Sqm, approximately 28910ha. The Udawalalawa reservoir is situated within the park premises, the total surface area of which at full supply is 3405ha. The total area of the park within the declared boundary including the reservoir is 32,315ha.

Atitude and Physical Features
Altitude ranges from about 100m on the plains to 373m at the top of the deep Walawe Reservoir (3,400ha), which is surrounded by open plains and foothills. The most prominent feature is the kalthota Escarpment and spectacular Diyawinne Fallto the north. Ulgala, in the west of the most prominent peak.

Udawalawe Safaris, Safari The climate in the park is characterized by a seasonal rainfall and uniformly high temperature conditions. The average annual rainfall is about 1500mm in the south end, and it gradually increases towards the north. The annual average temperature is about 32 C.

The rainfall experienced in the Park is characterized by a bimodal pattern of distribution in both monthly and weeklty rainfall. Two rainfall peaks occur in an year, one in April- May and the other in the October – November. A short dry spell is experienced in February- March and a prolonged dry period is observed from mid May to end of September.

The temperature in the National Park situated so close to 6 N, remains high and relatively uniform throughout the year, that is extreme fluctuations of temperature do not occur within the National Park or its surroundings. The annual average temperature is about 29 C.

Plant life and the Vegetation
Udawalawe national park sri lanka, udawalawe park sri lanka, udawalawe sri lanka,Vegetation, Originally forested, grassland and thorn-scrub now predominate. Much of the forest was destroyed by chena (shifting cultivation). Tree species include Satin ( Chloroxylon swietenia ), Halmilla (Berrya cordifolia ), Ebony ( Diospyros ebenum ) Ehala ( Cassia fistula ), Kolon ( Adina cordifolia ), Milla ( Vitex pinnata ), Kon (Schleichera oleosa) and Kunumella ( Diospyros ovalifolia ). Scattered trees, constituting 20-50% of existing cover, are mainly satin, ehala and lunumidella ( Melia dubia ). In the riverine forest, kumbuk ( Terminalia arjuna ) and the endemic mandorang ( Hopea cordifolia ) are dominant. Scrub is dominated by damaniya (Grewia tiliaefolia ). Savanna grasslands are dominated by Mana ( Cymbogon confertiflorus) , Illuk (I mperata cylindrical ) and Pogon ( Pennisetum olystachyon)

Animal life
Elephants in Udawalawe , Udawalawe elephant safaris, elephant safaris udawalawe, safaris in udawalaweThis park is very famous for the Elephants (Elephas maximus). There are herds of elephant feeding in the grasslands. The Sambar deer (Carvus unicolor), Spotted deer (Carvus axis), Muntjac (Muntiacus muntjak), wild boar (Sus scrofa) and water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) are re-establishing themselves. Other mammals include: toque macaque (Maccaca sinica) endemic, common langur (Presbytis entellus), jackal (Canis aureus), toddy cat (Paradoxurus hermaphroditis), leopard ( Panthera pardus) and black- napped hare (Lepus nigricollis) and small Indian civet cat (Viverricula indica), endemic golden palm civet cat ( Paradoxurus zeylonensis) , three species of mongoose (Herpestes fuscus), (H. smithi) and (H. vitticollis), an endemic shrew (Suncus sp.), gerbil (Tatera sp.), rat (Rattus rattus kandianus , soft- furred rat (Millardia meltada), Indian bush rat (Golunda elliotti), mouse (Mus cervicolor) and the endemic (Mus fernandoni)

The avifauna includes large numbers of warblers ( Prinia spp .), together with the usual lowcountry birds in forested areas, and a veriety of reptors. Water birds foun on the reservoir include rare visitors such as Indian cormorant ( Phalacrocorax fuscicollis ) and osprey ( Pandion haliaetus ). Notable endemic species are Sri Lanka spurfowl ( Galloperdix bicalcarata ), Sri Lanka junglefowl ( Gallus lafayetti) , Malabar pied hornbill ( Anthracoceros coronatus) , endemic gray horonbill ( Tockus griseus ) and brown- capped babbler ( Pellorneum fuscocapillum ).

The Uda Walawa Reservoir
The Uda Walawe reservoir itself, deep and continuously replenished by the never drying Walawe river which draws most of its water from the wooded Peak Wilderness sanctuary, the Horton Plains Nature reserve and the Haputale area. The fringes of the reservoir and the narrow creeks are now characterized by the preszence of weather- bleached skeletons of thousands of jungle trees, killed off by the dammed water. Tilapia mossambica has been introduced by the Fisheries Department. The reservoir could become an important breeding place for aquatic birds.
Comments from our Valued Clients

Everything about the safari was excellent. People,Food,Everithing..!! Saw more animal up close than we thought. we would was exciting being in an eco friendly Safari was important to us and we loved it.

Jamie Eqan
20th June 2013


A very personal and Magical experience, made by the staff.
We came for our honeymoon & couldn’t have wished for a better time an it. Everyone we met was friendly and kind. We would like to thank them all for the special time they gave us.

Sarah Williams
22nd May 2013

All The Staff are Very Friendly & Knowledgeable , Service + Care Package are Excellent, even when the jeep broke down We always felt in Safe Hands. Thank You very much for a Wonderful Safari!!!!

John Morgan
November 2010

“The staff were excellent, very professional and very nice persons-good ambassadors for your country!!!!! Your Naturalist was outstanding, a pleasure to be with.
A truly wonderful and most memorable experience. Will definitely use your company again and will also recommend to our friends. 4 nights was amazing!"

Douglas & Ulai Kirwin
October 2010

Thank You for a very memorable experience for me and myFamily. Seeing all the Elephants and other wildlife was great, But what we enjoyed most was the great naturalist and also The camp and friendly staff and service. We will certainly Recommend this adventure to our friends. Beautiful nature Experience.

Marcus Eldh
October 2010

I Would like to thank everyone who made our stay anAmazing experience. The staff were all extremely helpful, Attentive & very friendly. I loved the little touches like the “Welcome” on our Bed, the Bonfire & the Bar in the river.The guides (Naturalists) were excellent, Very well informed And they found everything we wanted to see and more!!! The food was of a very high standard.

Kate Aubon
October 2010

All excellent. Perfect Organization, fantastic people, Incredible place, amazing safari. Really something an Experience I will never forget. Thank you to everyone making It  possible.

Marc Martinez
September 2010

Welcome on arrival very good. Swimming in the river was Excellent. Tour was fabulous it was superb to see elephants In the wild, well done. Staff extremely friendly.

Sally Beatley & Yvonne Robertson
September 2010

The way we were met on arrival was great and throught our Short stay we were made to feel very welcome and Comfortable. Being able to see monkeys from the shower Was an extra thrill!! Every member of staff deserves high Praise.

Peter & Kathryn Burton
September 2010

“We were extremely impressed by everything about this camp    and its staff particularly as regards their attention to our young children (6 and 4 years). The attention to detail especially in the food, was lovely and much appreciated”

Watts Family
August 2010

We had such an amazing time! The location is beautiful and the staff are extremely friendly and welcoming-nothing has been too much trouble!!! We’ll be back

Sam Colbourne
August 2010

We were delighted with the experience we had at Udawalawa Eco camp. We thought it was brilliant and magical. Our only disappointment was that we couldn't stay longer to do proper justice to the wonderful camp that your team had set up.

The attention to detail was superb and all the staff were lovely. The food was excellent and plentiful - almost too much for us! In addition, the chef made us Watalapan specially as a surprise, due to a conversation that we had with Thasun about Sri Lankan desserts - so a personalised service indeed!

We also felt very lucky to have the services of Thasun - a delightful and extremely knowledgeable young man. We shall definitely be returning to Sri Lanka in about two years time and already want to start planning for then. Thank you once again for an excellent time and please let the team know how pleased we were. It would also be nice for us to be reminded of the names of the chef and also of the young man who waited on us at the table and saw to our needs.

Cathy and Chris
March, 2010

I would like to express my sincere thanks for giving us such a valuable insight into the species and ecology of Udawalawe during our stay on March 14th/15th. Our stay with the Eco Team was an outstanding experience. Other than the sea turtle conservation work I did in 2006/7, I had little idea of the biodiversity of Sri Lanka. So thanks for taking the time to share your enthusiasm with us. The experience was both fascinating and educational.

I was very interested to hear about your extensive research work, and would be very grateful if you could send me some details so that I can read your papers. The rest of our time in Sri Lanka was very enjoyable, but sadly came to an end all too soon. We will definitely be returning, and I hope that we can meet again.

Chris McCall
March, 2010

we had a wonderful time thank you very much. Your team were marvelous and looked after us beautifully - the food was delicious and facilities just as we expected from your website. The setting of the camp was very beautiful - so overall it really was a highlight of our trip to Sri Lanka.

Lucy Paul 23.2.2010

"Very good experience - Would recommond to friends"

United Kingdom
Visited 10.06.2009
"This was a fantastic Trip. Well done everybody"

United Kingdom
Visited 05.06.2009

"We Had a fantastic time. Staff were very kind and helpful"

Abbi Wheeler and Tom Morse
United Kingdom
Visited 05.06.2009

"Staff Superb - Whole experience was magical"
Damian Billington
United Kingdom
Visited 05.06.2009

"My First Safari - All Very good"

Julie Edwards
United Kingdom
Visited 05.06.2009


"That a kids summer camp to be organized. It is important to create awarness amongst a newer generation who have never had the oportunity to experience the wildlife. Maintaining basics along with the execellent service makes all the difference."

Mihiri Wickramasinghe
Sri Lanka
Visited 25.04.2009

"A fantastic experience. Would Recommend it to anyone who visits Sri Lanka"
by B.Semply
United Kingdom
Visited 24.09.2008
"One of the most fantastic experiences I have had,and the people are lovly, Thank you"
by Sony Abboot
United Kingdom
Visited 24.09.2009

"That a kids summer camp to be organized. It is important to create awarness amongst a newer generation who have never had the oportunity to experience the wildlife. Maintaining basics along with the execellent service makes all the difference."

Mihiri Wickramasinghe
Sri Lanka
Visited 25.04.2009

"Everything was excellent. A very friendly, helpful and happy team who made our day very enjoyable."

Paul Peagley
United Kingdom
Visited 26.04.2009

"I can not fault anything! All staff were magnificent and made guests feel welcome. The tour guides were very informative. The food was excellent."

Sarah Cripps
United Kingdom
Visited 03.04.2009

"Very Clean. Setup very good. Best tent I've slept in.Had a amazing time. Something I will always remember."

by Nick Kidd
United Kingdom
Visited 15.09.2008
"Excellent Camping & Safari. Enjoyed very much. Will recommend to friends & family"

by Karen Kidd
United Kingdom
Visited 15.09.2008
"Excellent Experience. Staff provided superb ans friendly service."

by Angela Rossi
United Kingdom
Visited 13.09.2008
"Enjoyed the safari very much -could not fault anything"

by A.Hammond
United Kingdom
Visited 13.09.2008
"The best safari we ever been on. Lots of animals +birds.Great food + friendly staff. Excellent!"

by Claire Ackerman
United Kingdom
Visited 07.09.2008
"An Excellent Experience overall. Staff very willing to please"

by M.Bodiam
United Kingdom
Visited 05.09.2008
"The location + Park was fantastic. Seeing all the animals was great.Food was excellent. We have had a fantastic trip. A big thank you to everyone"

by Ginney Hibbert
United Kingdom
Visited 17.01.2009
"We enjoyed our time here. We last camped 37 years ago on our honeymoon. This was delighfull compared to the camp in Kenya"

by Mattew Martin
United Kingdom
Visited 13.01.2009
"We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay at your camp. We shall be back"

by Nicola Dillon
Sri Lanka
Visited 17.12.2008

"Had a very enjoyable experience. Everyone has being professional with a friendly attitude"

by Gloria Mundy
United Kingdom
Visited 27.12.2008

"We have been looked after very well & the food was adapted to what we likes/disliked. Really enjoyed our time here. Thank you"

by Stephanie Ede
United Kingdom
Visited 31.12.2008

"Great Experience with lots of photographs to remember the safari"

by Nicola Giles
United Kingdom
Visited 29.12.2008

"In December my wife and I visited UdaWalawe. We greatly enjoyed this safari. Best wishes and thank you all the team for an excellent safari. I have put some photos of this trip on my website - see; www.hawgood.co.uk"

By David Hawgood
- London, England
Visited 09/12/05

"The Naturalist is an expert. All the staff are so much caring, personally looked after great"

By Dhanuka Dickwella
Visited 09/09/05

"I thought it was a trip to paradise. Thank you"

By Russell & Lynn Hunt
Visited 09/09/05

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