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Your dream wedding may call for an intimate gathering of close family and friends mingled with the nature in a secluded cosy little spot or just two of you and "us".

Either way, a wedding needs a lots and lots of planning and hassle of attending to each and every one of them to make your dream a reality. Eco Team is there, to take you all the way from the planning to the honeymoon accommodation, to free you from bothering about all these details and to give you a stress free wedding.

If you want us to assist you in making your dream wedding a reality and not just a dream, we would gladly start by to take your pre-wedding stress on to us as our first responsibility.

Should you need our assistance in planning your wedding, we can assist you in following tasks, in addition to any specific task or activity you have in your mind.

We would arrange vendors like Bridle Salons / dress makers / Videographers - Photographers suitable for your requirements.

If your choice is a water front wedding, we can offer you following additional features to please not only you but your guests as well.

  • If you intend to have a poruwa ceremony, to add extra glamour, we can give you a "floating poruwa" or set the poruwa on two catamarans.
  • If you do not intend to have a poruwa, the couple can make an surprise arrival at the gathering by a boat / catamaran or "float" towards them on a raft and land onto the short pier built for the purpose and walk towards the guest along the pier.
  • If there are a large number of guests, they would spread along the beach. As such, we can offer two or three "floating bonfires" and light them in a most pleasing manner.
  • Additional Kerosene torches (pandams) and or Hurricane lanterns.
  • Fireworks.
  • Special lighting effects for trees / sky etc .
  • Arranging floral decorations in line with "sunset" theme.
At Eco team, we believe that attention to detail is essential to make your important day all the more special.  As a result we arrange the following:
  • Pre-wedding briefing with the nature wedding co-ordinator.
  • Arrangements in a church or following the Buddhist ‘Poruwa' traditions (using a traditional Sri Lankan platform) – ceremony designed in keeping the location and theme.
  • Person to recite conduct church service or ‘ashtaka'/blessings (including ‘Jayamangala Gatha' blessings by 5 village girls) at ‘Poruwa' ceremony.
  • 4 traditional dancers/2 drummers/1 conch shell blower
  • Special nature couch for the couple.
  • Special decorations to go along with the theme (including ‘manel' flowers – the Sri Lankan national flower).
  • Registration, License and Legal fees / English translation of the Marriage certificate.
  • Witnesses if required
  • Specially decorated (according to the theme of the wedding) cottage/eco lodge/campsite/tree house for the wedding night
  • Wedding gift from Eco Team
  • Kiri bath in a ‘kulla' (traditional Sri Lankan milk rice to be eaten after the ceremony)
  • Specially designed bridal bouquet/head dress/button hole
  • At an extra charge, we can provide the happy couple with special dress/costume in keeping with the overall theme of the wedding.

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