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Surfing Tours in Sri Lanka - Weligama

weligama beachAlso known as 'sandy village' WELIGAMA is located approximately 30 km east of Galle.  As well as having an attractive sandy bay, this fishing town is also an ideal base for SURFING, SNORKELLING and DIVING, with many fascinating sites to explore. 

For those who'd rather stay above the surface of the water, catarmaran rides are a pleasant way to venture out on the sea.  You can also go out further to the deeper waters to see a variety of dolphins and sharks.

Specific Dive Sites in Weligama

Yala Rock is a rocky area with big rocks of 15 metres high (and 5 metres below the surface). Besides the massive rocks, there are some small caves where you can see a huge variety of fish.  Among some of the most interesting finds are rays, turtles and napoleon parrotfish.  There are also many different kinds of colourful corals.  During night diving, its possible to see lobsters walking across the bottom. The maximum depth for diving is 24 metres and normally the dive time will be about 45 minutes with a 10 litre bottle.  The dive site is located a 15 minute boat ride from Bay Beach Hotel. 


This massive coral reef extends an impressive 700 metres and protects the few fishing boats that lay inside the natural harbour.  Besides the beautiful and colourful corals, you may see sea anemones and many species of fish.  The sea-bed is a very flat area, ensuring excellent visibility This dive site is not very deep which allows us to make long dives of more than an hour each.  It can be reached in a 10 minute boat ride from Bay Beach Hotel.


This is an ideal dive for beginners as it is not very deep, meaning that you can stay underwater for periods of more than an hour.  It is also an excellent site for night diving when one can see sepias, octopus and sleeping parrotfish in the sand or small caves. It is located a 15 minute boat ride from Bay Beach Hotel.


A 25 minute boat ride from Bay Beach Hotel the trip to this site is a very pleasant journey along the shore in the direction of Mirissa. We then head out to sea for about 4 km to an underwater hill that rises up to 7 metres below the water's surface. The area is especially good for seeing big rays, murrains and parrotfish. Maximum depth of the dive will be 22 metres.


The steam ship 'Rangoon' was a famous vessel built in 1863, which sank a few decades ago just outside Galle harbour. Now the wreck lies in a rocky area at a depth of 30-35 metres. In the wreck itself it is possible to see the steel carcass of the ship, through which a multitude of fish can be found. This dive is done as a day trip from Weligama.  

Accommodation options in Weligama

Most of the programmes that we run in Weligama are based from the BAY BEACH HOTEL.

However, we can arrange accommodation on in a variety of hotels and guest-houses for a wide range of standards and budgets. 

Please Contact Us to specify your requirements.

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