Whale watching and Dolphin watching Tours in Sri Lanka



Whales Watching Tours
Whales & Dolphins in the South ~ 1 N / 2 Days

Dance with the Dolphins in Kalpitiya ~ 1 N /2 Days

List of Whales & Dolphins
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Whales seen include

Common Blue Whales , Bryde's Whales , Sperm Whales , Killer Whales , False Killer , Dwarf , Melon Headed Whales , Cuvier's Beaked Whales and if lucky, the elusive Indian Blue Whales.

Dolphins seen include

Spotted Dolphins, Spinner Dolphins, Fraser's Dolphins, Risso's Dolphins, Common Dolphins and the Bottlenose Dolphins



Whales and Dolphin Watching Tours in Sri Lanka

:Whales & Dolphins in the South
: 1 Night / 2 Days.

Highlights of the Tour

  • Day 1. Arrival at the Hotel in Galle .
  • Day 2. Depart the Hotel around 6.00 am after an early breakfast.
    Whale Watching in a Boat for four hours.
    Back to the Hotel and departure after lunch.

Day-01 Arrival at Hotel in Galle

Arrival at your Hotel for Dinner.

We could arrange transportation and Hotel accommodation for at supplementary charges. Hotel accommodations vary from budget guest houses to up-market boutique properties and could be customized to your budget and taste. Our recommended hotels are available in Mirissa / Weligama / Koggala & Galle.   

Dinner and overnight stay at your Hotel.

Day-02 Whale Watching - Departure

Leave the Hotel around 6.00 am to Mirissa Harbour after and early breakfast.

Transportation needs to be arranged by the client and again we could do this at a supplementary cost.  

Whale Watching in the Sea off Mirissa (Dondra).

WHALE WATCHING Sri Lanka is situated within the International Whale watching Commission's protected zone in the Indian Ocean. Of the 80 species of cetaceans observed and identified worldwide, 26 are found in the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal. Whale and dolphin watching is a seasonal activity in Sri Lanka, available on the west coast in locations from KALPITIYA and along the SOUTH WEST COAST from November to March while the east coast off TRINCOMALEE is preferable from June to September.

“The south coast of Sri Lanka is one of the very best places to see Blue Whales in the entire world. Most of these Blue Whales are on migration, en-route from their North East monsoon feeding grounds off Trincomalee to their South West monsoon feeding grounds in the Arabian Sea.

Sperm Whales are also present with pods. While most Blue Whales can be seen over the continental shelf, Sperm Whales tended to occur a bit further offshore, in the shipping lanes. And this gives a clue as to why there are so many whales here. A glance at any chart of the Indian Ocean shows that Dondra Head is the southern-most point not only of Sri Lanka, but also of the entire Indian subcontinent. Any ship wanting to pass between east and west has to pass by Dondra. Furthermore, off Dondra the continental slope comes to within less than 3 nautical miles of the coast. With the seasonally changing monsoon currents producing seasonally changing blooms of plankton; with the land masses of India and Sri Lanka acting like an inverted funnel to channel cetacean movements; and with deep water so close to shore, it is perhaps not surprising that the southern tip of Sri Lanka is such a cetacean hotspot.”
Dr. Charles Anderson - Professional marine biologist

Other cetacean species can be seen: Bryde’s Whale, Dwarf Sperm Whale, unidentified Beaked Whale, Spinner Dolphin, Striped Dolphin and Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin.

Back to the Hotel or proceed to your next destination after the Whale Watching boat ride.
- End of the Programme -

No of Pax
01 Pax

Rate per person in US $



  • Charges for Boats with experienced local guides for Whale Watching.
  • Service of a Specialized Naturalist.
  • Drinking Water on the boat.
  • All government taxes


  • Transportation.(Could be arranged)
  • Accommodation at the Hotels. (Could be arranged)
  • Any additional beverages or food, which would be ordered extra.
  • Any tips to the staff.
  • Any personal effects not mentioned here.


  • Personal effects for Warm/Windy/Rainy conditions should be carried by clients.
  • Sunburn lotion etc. are recommended.


Full payment with the confirmation.

Cancellation Policy:
  • 48 hours or less, 100% cancellation charge. No refund. 
  • 48 hours to 4 days – 70% cancellation charge.  30% will be refunded. 
  • 4 days to 15 days - 40 %cancellation charge. 60% will be refunded. 
  • 16 days or more – No cancellation charges other than a 100 US $ administrative fee provided no commitment or advances are made to 3rd parties.
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