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Wildlife Expedition - Sri Lanka !

: Wildlife Expedition - Sri Lanka !
: 13 Nights / 14 Days.

Our programmes are offered in the following 3 standards. Accommodation options have been selected after careful evaluation.

  • Value: Basic but clean. With a typical Sri Lankan touch, relaxed atmosphere and personalized service at Small family / enterprise run operations.
  • Standard: - 3 Star equal: Better comforts and facilities with extra comforts. Mostly large establishments with Standardized service.
  • Deluxe: High standards of quality, décor, service and much more, with many extra comforts and activities to indulge yourself. We have offered locations with a unique Sri Lankan individuality, measuring up to international standards.
Day 01 - Airport - Colombo - (HB)

Arrival.. meet & greet and transfer to Colombo.
COLOMBO is Sri Lanka’s commercial capital with Great shopping arcades, luxury hotels & restaurants, Karaoke Bars, Casinos- which has the highest wining percentage in the world, night-clubs and other entertainment facilities
Colombo is an important port in the Indian Ocean since ancient time. The traders from the middle-east used Sri Lanka as an exchange center. The Arab traders came to gather the ivory, the precious stones and spices such as cinnamons, cardamom, cloves and pepper, which were highly priced in Europe.
Even a commercial city, the needs of the leisure travellers can be fulfilled with the range of activities available in the city. Great shopping arcades, luxury hotels restaurants, Karaoke Bars, Casinos, night-clubs and other entertainment facilities available within the city limits.
There are many locations relating to the Portuguese, Dutch and British colonial times. The Colombo Museum, Vihara Maha Devi Park, Old Parliament, World Trade Center, Zoo, Dutch Museum, Kelani Viharaya, National Art Gallery. Folk Art Center- Kotte, Natural History Museum, BMICH, Municipal Museum, Fort Railway Station dates back to 1904, Wolfandhal Church and Vaneshwara Kovil and main tourist attractions in Colombo.


  • Arrival transfer from the airport to Colombo.
  • Check in to Hotel in Colombo.
  • After a long journey leisure and relax or Do Colombo city tour.
  • Dinner and Overnight stay at Ramada hotel or similar


Day 02 - Colombo - Sinharaja - (HB)

After breakfast proceed to Sinharaja Rain forest .

Sinharaja Rain Forest Sri LankaSinharaja Rainforest is a world heritage site, which can also be described as a Tropical Lowland Rainforest or Tropical Wet Evergreen Forest . Whatever its 'technical' name, it is undoubtedly a rich treasure trove of nature with a great diversity of habitats and a vast repository of Sri Lanka 's endemic species found nowhere else in the world. Bird Watching in this ecosystem is particularly interesting because it is home to 95% of the endemic birds of Sri Lanka ! Named as a world heritage site in 1989, this lowland evergreen rain forest is steeped in deep legend and mystery. The word 'Sinharaja' means, Lion (Sinha) King (Raja), and it is popular belief that the legendary origin of the Sinhala people is from the union between a princess and the lion king who once lived in the forest!


  • Begin your journey to Sinharaja early in the morning via Ratnapura
  • En route visit a Gem pit & a gem museum & check in at the hotel.
  • Lunch at the hotel.
  • Dinner and overnight stay at the Hotel
    • Value - Basic lodge bordering the forest.
    • Standard- Rain Forest Edge
    • Deluxe - Boulder Gardens
Day 03 - Sinharaja

After breakfast full day allocated for Forest Exploration.



  • After early breakfast leave for forest exploration with packed lunch.
  • Lunch to be taken in a suitable location.
  • After lunch continue to observe the forest.
  • Dinner & overnight stay at the hotel
    • Value - Basic lodge bordering the forest.
    • Standard - Rain Forest Edge
    • Deluxe - Boulder Gardens
Day 04 - Sinharaja - Udawalawe (HB )

After breakfast proceed to Udawalawe.

Elephant Safaris, Elephant Safari, Sri LankaUdawalawe
This 30821 hectares dry zone game park was declared as a protected national park in 1972 and has an annual rainfall of 1524 mm and an average temperature of 29.4 0 C.

This park is world famous for its Elephants, seen in all their playfulness, whole herds of them, adults and babies bathing and playing in the water or feeding.

This safari would be an unforgettable bird watching experience as "Udawalawe" is one of the best parks for bird watching too.

Birding, Birding Tours, Birding Trips Sri LankaThe endemic species of bird called Red Faced Malkoha has its favorite habitat in the 192 square km parkland. Serpent Eagles, Hawk Eagles, White Bellied Sea Eagles, Black Eagles, Black Capped Bulbuls, Racket Tailed Drongos, Malabar Pied Horn Bills, White Necked Storks, Open Bills, Ibis, Shama - The forest Nightingale, Strol Billed Kin Fishers and peacocks are found in fair numbers.

Among the migrant birds are the forest wagtails, Indian Pitta, Whiskered Terns, Osprey Sand Pipers and Terns.

Evening safari at Udawalawe.

Wildlife Safaris, Wildlife Safaris, Wildlife Tours , Sri LankaSCHEDULE

  • After early breakfast proceed to Udawalawe National Park
  • Lunch to be taken in a suitable location.
  • After lunch observe the Park.
  • Dinner & overnight stay at the hotel / camp
    • Value & Standard - Centuria Hotel Embilipitiya.
    • Deluxe - Mahoora Luxury Camping www.mahoora.lk

Day 05 - Udawalawe - Bundala -Yala (HB)

Birds in Sri lanka,Birding Sri LankaAfter breakfast proceed to Yala via Bundala.

The high species richness of birds in the Bundala National Park resulted in it being declared as Sri Lanka 's first Ramsar site in 1990, a wetland of international importance for migratory waterfowl. The park consists mainly of dry thorny scrubland and lagoons. The highlight of Bundala is the migratory Greater Flamingo, which visits in large flocks of over 1000 individuals, from Rann of Kutch in India . In particular we may find Indian Cormorant, Yellow Bittern, Black-crowned Night and Purple Herons. The area is also famous for crocodiles.

Bundala is the only National Park in Sri Lanka , where you get to observe both species of crocodiles existing in the country. A vast concentration of estuarine crocodiles live in the lagoon areas and in the estuary of the Kirindi Oya river , while the mugger or the freshwater crocodile dwells in the small safaris, safari, safari camping, safari tours, sri lankafreshwater lakes and in the upper regions of the Kirindi Oya.[river]

The estuarine crocodile is the largest reptile alive today. The male of the species, grows to a length of seven metres and can weigh around 1200kg, with the female much smaller in comparison at around three metres in length.

The female crocodile digs a hole in the sand several metres away from the water, lays around fifty eggs and provides protection to the nest by ensuring she stays close to the vicinity. When its time for the eggs to hatch, She is on hand to lend a helping hand to the new borns by carrying them to the water and also providing Motherly care until they are able to fend for themselves.

wildife, wildlife safari, wildlife trips, sri lankaDespite all this attention and care by the mother, the percentage of survival of these baby crocodiles is very sparse as they not only fall prey to turtles and other large fish but also to the adult male crocodiles who hunt them down to protect their own territory .

YALA PARK lies 24 km northeast of Tissamaharama and 290km from Colombo on the southeast coast of Sri Lanka and spans Southern and Uva provinces. The park consists of 97,878ha. The altitude is 90m from sea level. The vegetation in this park comprises secondary forest, possibly a few hundred years old at the most. It is predominantly semi-arid thorny-scrub, interspersed with pockets of fairly dense forest. Small patches of mangrove vegetation occur along the costal lagoons. Yala is renowned for the variety of its wildlife and its fine coastline and associated coral reefs. A large number of important cultural ruins bear testimony to earlier civilizations and indicate that, much of the area was populated and well developed .


  • Arrival Bundala for a bird watching experience.
  • Lunch on the way at a suitable location
  • After lunch proceed to Yala for a Wildlife & Bird Watching tour.
  • Dinner & Overnight stay at Yala / Tissamaharama.
    • Value - Thissamaharama Rest
    • Standard - Elephant Reach Hotel
    • Deluxe - Yala Village Hotel or similar
Day 06- 07 Yala (HB)

leopard safari, leopard safaris, leopard watching, sri lankaDeparture for a morning safari which will be done after breakfast

Your best chance to see a leopard is generally first thing in the morning and then again at dusk. The male leopards in Yala are very confident animals and they are often seen walking the tracks during the day. Young males in particular seem to have no fear of the jeep, which can lead to some excellent photographic opportunities.

As well as leopards there is a large number of elephants living inside the park and these can be seen bathing in the numerous lakes within the park. You can also see spotted deer, sambar, wild boar, wild buffaloes, sloth bear, jackal and mongoose. The bird life is also fantastic and it is amazing how close you can get to them from the confines of the jeep, you can see Rosy Starlings, Paradise Flycatchers, Crested Hawk Eagles, Blue-Tailed Bee-Eaters and Common Iora's.

SCHEDULE wildlife sri lanka, sri lanka wildlife safari

  • After breakfast morning safari at Yala.
  • Packed lunch will be provided.
  • After lunch more excursion at Yala.
  • Dinner & Overnight stay at the hotel
    • Value - Thissamaharama Rest
    • Standard - Elephant Reach Hotel
    • Deluxe - Yala Village Hotel or similar
Day 08 - Nuwara Eliya (HB)

After breakfast proceed to Nuwara Eliya.

waterfalls in sri lanka, best locations, sri lankaNUWARA ELIYA as a cool sparkling climate with the temperature changing around 13 o C. This is and exquisite and healthy city famous for its wide range in flowers. With building of English architecture everywhere in the city, it is affectionately called little England . The Victoria Park in the center of Nuwara Eliya, the highest town in Sri Lanka . Yellow-eared Bulbul, Blackbird, in winter Pied Thrush and Kashmir Flycatcher are very common.

En-route, visit tea plantation and a tea factory, where the best tea in the world is produced. Here you could observe all about the process of manufacturing tea. You can also see how tea is graded. Taste a cup of pure Ceylon tea in the factory.

Check-in at the hotel. Evening at leisure.
Dinner and overnight stay at the hotel.

SCHEDULE rail rides, train trips, train journy, sri lanka

  • After breakfast proceed to Nuwara Eliya via Haputale, en route visit a tea factory and plantation.
  • Check-in at the hotel.
  • Evening free to walk around the town and market place in Nuwara Eliya
  • Dinner & overnight stay at the Hotel in Nuwara Eliya
    • Value - Alphine Hotel
    • Standard - St.Andrew's Hotel
    • Deluxe - Grand Hotel

Day 09 - Nuwara Eliya / Horton Plains (HB)

After breakfast do an excursion at Horton Plains to "catch" the remaining Highland endemics.

walking safaries, walking tours, walking trips sri lankaThe Horton Plains is perhaps the most awesome and forbidding region of Sri Lanka . Located on a high windswept plateau at about 7,000 feet (2,134 meters) elevation, a visit to these plains is well worth the effort. The most awe-inspiring site is the World's End, considered the finest view in all of Sri Lanka . The terrific escarpment drops vertically for approximately 1,000 feet (328 meters) and falls away almost as steeply for another 4,000 feet (1,312 meters). In the early morning the Indian Ocean rims the horizon 50 miles (81 kilometers) to the south. The Horton Plains form the eastern extremity of the Peak Wilderness Sanctuary. It extends through the alpine ruggedness for some 25 miles (40 kilometers), from west of Adam's Peak (which you saw on your way to Sinharaja). Black eagles, blue magpies and other rare birds can be found here, not to mention the occasional black leopard, deer, sambar, jackals and purple-faced Monkey.

birds in sri lanka, sri lanka birdsOn completion return to Hotel. Evening at leisure or optional to walk around the Nuwara Eliya city.


  • After breakfast do an excursion at Horton Plains.
  • Evening leisure & relax
  • Dinner & overnight stay at the Hotel
    • Value - Alphine Hotel
    • Standard - St.Andrew's Hotel
    • Deluxe - Grand Hotel
Day 10 - Nuwara Eliya - Kandy (HB )

After breakfast proceed to Kandy by train - a moment of experience, traveling by train it is wonderful viewing of sight seeing, water falls.

kandi sri lanka,daladamaligawa, sri lankaPick up clients from the Kandy railway station. Check-in at Hotel for lunch.

KANDY was the last stronghold of the Buddhist political power against colonial powers. It is also the home of the Temple of the Tooth relic. Its architectural monuments date mainly from the 19 th century, when Vikrama Rajashinha went on a building spree, the cost of which hastened the downfall and eventual surrender to the British forces.

DALADAMALIGAWA - The Temple of the Tooth or Dalada Malgawa dates from the 16 th century, though most of the present buildings were built in the 19 th century. Entering the shrine over a moonstone step, you pass a stone depicting the Indian goddess Lakshmi and a wall with frescoes illustrating the Buddhist conception of hell. The upper stories house the relic of the tooth, caged behind the gilded iron bars. Behind the tooth relic sanctuary is a hall with a number of golden Buddha statues and modern paintings, showing Buddha's life and the arrival of Buddhism in the land. We end our tour just before the evening drumming begins, which precedes the ceremonious opening of the window for the public viewing of the casket with the tooth.

daladamaligawa sri lankaAlso visit a gem lapidary and museum and thereafter witness a traditional cultural show in Kandy at one of the performance centres.

On completion return to Hotel Swiss Residence for dinner and overnight stay.


  • After breakfast leave to Kandy by Train
  • Lunch at the hotel.
  • After lunch visit the Temple of the Tooth relic & evening visit a Cultural dance.
  • Dinner & overnight stay at the hotel in Kandy
    • Value - Serene Garden Hotel
    • Standard - Serene Garden Hotel
    • Deluxe - Earl's Regency

Day 11 - Kandy - Wasgamuwa (HB)

Proceed to Wasgamuwa via Knuckles

trails,trekking trails, walking tours, walking trips, sri lankaThe KNUCKLES MOUNTAIN RANGE (so-called because its appearance resembles a set of knuckles in a closed fist) is a major eco tourism venue of Sri Lanka and has been declared a conservation area, now known as the KNUCKLES NATIONAL HERITAGE AND WILDERNESS AREA . The region stretches an impressive 155 sq km that contains five major forest formations, a wide variety of rare and endemic flora and fauna and some breathtaking mountain scenery of Sri Lanka . It is a real paradise for those who love to hike or Mountain Bike offering numerous mountainous trails that journey across clear rivers, through dense forests, past flowing waterfalls and lush tea plantations, and alongside terraced paddy fields and colorful Kandyan home gardens.

bird watching, photography safaris, sri lankaWasgamuwa National Park
The wide, vast and beautiful sand bank, appearing to be a beach in the jungle and the equally beautiful Mahaweli River adjoining the campsite-2 is not only eye-catching but offers a very refreshing bath for the tired visitor. This campsite, under the shade of several very large trees, situated closely to the campsite-1 is, one among seven campsites inside the park.

The Wasgomuwa National Park , situated in the Central Province is important in many ways. The presence of many small scale ancient tanks and several other ruins and ancient religious sites add vast historical importance to the National Park which is already important for its wide biodiversity. The famous Yudanganapitiya - where the armies of the Kings Dutugemunu and Elara (2 nd century BC) camped during the battles is one of these important sites.

elephant safaris, elephants, elephant watching, sri lankaThe beautiful and important small mountain range - Sudu Kanda, which has many streams cascading down from it, enhances the beauty of this Park, which is bounded by many rivers and is traversed by many streams. Sudu Kanda, about 470m above sea level, is an important small range. This same range dips into the ground and appears at certain places; though under different names, runs up to and into the sea in Trincomalee.

The presence of many water sources in this park adds to the beauty of this park. The view the visitor gets of large flocks of birds on dead treetops and big herds of dear and buffalos grazing when passing by a water source is always a pleasant sight. Peacocks roam this park in abundance where, having a glimpse of a bear is not very uncommon. Elephants, numbering about 150 are not confined to this park. They roam in small herds through Flood Plains National Park and cross over to Somawathi Chaithya Sanctuary and even to Polonnaruwa.


  • After breakfast proceed to Wasgamuwa via Knuckles
  • Lunch on the way at a suitable location
  • Visit Wasgamuwa National Park
  • Dinner & overnight stay at the hotel/ camp
    • Value & Standard - Safari Village Hotel
    • Deluxe - Mahoora Luxury Camp

Day 12 - Wasgamuwa (HB)

After breakfast proceed for a full day safari at Wasgamuwa National Park .

  • Value & Standard - Safari Village hotel
  • Deluxe - Mahoora Luxury Camp
Day 13 - Wasgamuwa - Negambo ( HB )

After breakfast proceed to Negombo

negombo beach, sri lanka beaches, beaches in sri lankaBustling Negambo town is a historically interesting place strongly influenced by the Catholic Church. The narrow strip of land between the lagoon & the sea and the many canals make for a good exploring.

The Dutch captured the town from the Portuguese in 1640, lost it again in the same year, then captured it again in 1644. The British then took it from them in 1796 without a struggle. Negambo was one of the most important sources of cinnamon during the Dutch era, and there are still reminders of the European days.

Check-in at Hotel for dinner and overnight stay.


  • After breakfast leave to Negambo.
  • Evening at leisure to relax at the beach.
  • Night dinner & stay at a Hotel at Negambo.
    • Value & Standard - Jetwing Sea Shells
    • Deluxe - Browns Beach hotel
Day 14 Negombo - Airport

After breakfast proceed to airport for departure Or Optional for Beach extensions




Number of Pax

2 pax

Rate per person in US $


Rate per person in US $


Rate per person in US $




US $



  • Please note the total mileage calculated for this tour [14 Days] is for 1800 km. If exceeded the above quoted mileage a supplement of US$ 00.40 Per km will be charged.
  • Transportation throughout the tour, in an Air conditioned Car with English speaking chauffer Guide.


  • Accommodation at Hotels / Camp sites mentioned in the above itinerary
  • Meal plan to be on Half board basis for the whole tour
  • Entrance fee to National Parks
  • Entrance fee to Cultural sites.
  • Tracker fees for safari's in Udawalawe, Yala National Parks & Sinharaja Rain Forest .
  • Cost of 4WD safari jeeps in Udawalawe, Yala National Park .
  • Experienced staff for Mahoora Standard Camp.
  • Experienced local guides for Nature trail to Kinchigune
  • Experienced Oarsman/Guide and Life Jackets for canoeing.
  • Experienced English speaking chauffer guide for the tour.
  • Service charges and all Government taxes.


  • Any extra beverages or food.
  • Lunch and Dinner on day 13.
  • Guides Meals and Accommodation.
  • Transport during the tour ( Given separately )
  • Any personal effects not mentioned here.

Full payment with the confirmation


  • 90 Days to 30 Days - 250 US $ Administrative fee.
  • 14 Days to 29 Days - 250 US $ admin fee will be charged and 50 % of the tour cost will be kept to be utilized for a future booking. Balance will be refunded.
  • 8 Days to 13 Days - 250 US $ admin fee will be charged and 75 % of the tour cost will be kept to be utilized for a future booking. Balance will be refunded.
  • Less than 7 days - 250 US $ admin fee wil l be charged and 100 % of the tour cost will be kept to be utilized for a future booking.
Eco Team should receive the cancellation in writing. Tour start day is not considered for computation of the period. 

These /above /under mentioned/ attached, descriptions and programmes have been compiled after long, arduous, exploratory, and expensive work and hence is the property of the Eco team (Pvt) ltd. Making use of these programmes/descriptions for any public or commercial programmes requires the permission of the said company.

Naturally our ready made programmes will come cheaper than the tailor make programmes. How ever we are flexible enough to do minor changes to the ready made itineraries, with out any charge.? Please write to us

Do you own programme – Visit the location and activity pages on our site and you will come across mini tours in all of those pages. By combining them you can design your own tour. We will complete it by adding on the hotels and other cultural locations you may require.

Your tour will be handled by an experienced travel consultant who will provide a personalized service.

On certain occasions our standard programmes could be cheaper  than a tailor made programme for a specific client. But rest assured that we are flexible enough to effect minor changes to a standard programme as required by you,  our valuable clients  & offer same at no extra cost. Please contact us at reachme@srilankaecotourism.com we will do the needful.  

You also have the facility of designing your own  programmes by visiting our location and activity pages on the website and accessing the mini tours segment in those pages & selecting an appropriate combination. Our experienced travel consultants  will then add the finishing touches to the programme & provide a costing based on same. 

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