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Accommodation Options in Yala National Park

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Yala & Udawalwe National Parks- Elephant watching & Leopard spotting have never been this easy.
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Comments from our Valued Clients

"The trip that you arranged for us was very well organised! Everything was arranged from the hotel to the driver to the paperwork. Thanks! I also have to say that the driver was very good. He knew exactly the way to position the jeep in such a way that we were able to shoot some nice photographs. I've done more safari's in the past and it isn't always the case that drivers know how to do this, so my compliments for that.

But if we can return sometime to Sri Lanka and are able to do a safari in Yala, we will definitely think about EcoTeam. Many thanks."


"Food was excellent. Quality comfort and arrangements of the campsite was very good"
By L.M. Handy - USA

"We are happy to be here - many thanks to the very good service, guide and the whole team. We would like to come again another time if it is possible"
By Detlef + Edith Loxtermann - Germany
Leopard Safaris in Yala

Yala National Wildlife Park , Sri Lanka

Yala Leopard Safaris, Yala Leopard Safaris, Leopard Safaris Yala, Leopards in Yala, Yala LeopardsYALA NATIONAL PARK, one of Sri Lanka 's premier eco tourism destinations, lies 24km northeast of Tissamaharama and 290km from Colombo on the southeast coast of Sri Lanka, spanning a vast 97,878 hectares over the Southern and Uva Provinces.
The vegetation in the park comprises predominantly of semi-arid thorny scrub, interspersed with pockets of fairly dense secondary forest. Small patches of mangrove vegetation also occur along the coastal lagoons. The park is renowned for the variety of its Wildlife (most notably its many elephants) and its fine coastline (with associated coral reefs). It also boasts a large number of important cultural ruins, bearing testimony to earlier civilizations and indicating that much of the area used to be populated and well developed.
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Accommodation in Yala National Park
Every wildlife safaris in Sri Lanka will have the same objective; to see the most of what the Park has to offer in the shortest amount of time. Mahoora safari camps provide an experience that will give you just that. With Mahoora, you will have the option of setting up base on the borders of the Yala National Park itself, cutting down significantly on your travel time. Tented safari camps is widely popular as a choice for accommodation around Yala, and safari camping accommodation in yala is definitely an experience worth trying. For more information, visit our yala national park accommodation page However if you do choose accommodation outside yala national park like a hotel, we can arrange for that as well.
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Yala National Park Safari
One of the most important aspects of a Yala National Park safari is having the right kind of guide. Though wildlife is abundant, animals like the Sri Lankan Sloth Bear, Sri Lankan Leopard and other big game require the skills of an experienced naturalist guide who knows about the movements of game throughout the Park at certain times, a facility which Mahoora can easily provide. Jeeps are usually the way to go on Yala National Park safaris, and we at Mahoora have excellent vehicles which can easily navigate the varied terrain that the Yala National Park safari is known for. You may want to hang on to your hats though, Yala definitely has areas which provide for some off roading situations, for which suitable Yala National Park safari jeeps are a must.
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History and the Description of the Yala National Park Yala National Park Sri Lanka, Yala Wildlife Park Sri Lanka, Yala Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka Yala

YALA is among the oldest and best known of Sri Lanka 's National Parks. Yala covers about 1297 sqkm or 129,700 ha. And it is the largest agglomeration of protected areas in the country. The multifarious ecosystems ranging from Moist Monsoon Forest , to Dry Monsoon Forests, Semi Deciduous Forests, Thorn forests, Grasslands, fresh water & marine wetlands, and sandy beaches, possesses a large number of important plant species and smaller animals.

Kumbukkan Oya in the North East and Menik Ganga and tributaries on the West, flow through the Park providing a source of water to the animals even during the driest months of the year.

Yala plays a very significant role in conservation of a large number of flora and fauna in the country. Historical and religious sites such as Kataragama, Sithulpahuwa and Magul Maha Vihara and many archaeologically important places add additional significance to the area.

Yala West (Ruhuna) National Park is well recognized as one of the best parks in the world to observe and photograph leopards. The park covers an area of over 100,000 hectares and is divided into five blocks.



Elephant Safaris Yala, Yala Elephant Safaris, Elephants in Yala, Yala Elephants , Elephant safari Yala, Yala Elephant SafariBlock one is the most visited area since it contains the highest density of leopards. However other areas of Yala such as Yala East had been closed to visitors for some years and it will take time to research leopard numbers in these areas. Yala West consists of scrub jungle, brackish lagoons and stunning rock monoliths scattered throughout the park, its eastern edge is bounded by the South East coast. Yala has well over thirty leopards, probably the highest density anywhere in the world. It is also thought that Sri Lankan leopards are a distinct sub-species from their Indian neighbors, and the largest leopards in Asia.

It is possible to take full day jeep safaris or to split your day into morning and afternoon drives. Your best chance to see a leopard is generally early in the morning and then again at dusk. You can stay until just after dark inside the park, thus maximizing your chances of a leopard encounter. The male leopards in Yala are very confident and are often seen walking the tracks during the day. Young males in particular seem to have no fear of the jeep, which can lead to some excellent photographic opportunities. There are similarities between Yala and the best National Parks in India for photographing tigers, in both cases the big cats have become used to the jeeps thus enabling us to enjoy a privileged view of these magnificent animals.

There is also a substantial elephant population along with Spotted deer, Sambar, Wild buffalo, Sloth bear, Jackal, Mongoose, Pangolins and Crocodiles. The bird life comprises over 120 species, and ranges from Lesser Flamingos to Paradise Flycatchers, Crested Hawk Eagles, and Black Bitterns. Outside of the park are several other fascinating birding locations, including the ancient hermitage of Sithulpahuwa, Debarawewa wetland and Palatupana saltpans. The coastline forms a major nesting ground for marine turtles. The drier season falls between May and August and the park closes for a short time during September and October.
Guest Comments

This was a Great Experience.
Thanks for the catching toads. You’re given us a very special welcome here and have been friendly and caring.

Stayed 11th June 2013

Mary Ann & Yara Kamps

Amazing service! Very Very  Nice ! Surprisingly kind & very well-done! Thank you so much!

Stayed 5th May 2013

Claire and Patrick

The Mahoora Camp is the best we have seen in a long time and experienced.Stayed for 2 nights in the camp as a part of our family gathering / holiday in Sri Lanka. In these beautiful eventful days we were treated with utmost care. The food at all times of the day was made with excellent quality. A special thanks to the chef Daya and Camp Manager Thilak who went out if their way to please our diverse group. The camp tents are in standard and Elite category. We had made the correct choice to book Elite. These have all the basics that you are looking in a camp.

In the vicinity of the camp, you can take a bush walk with the naturalist. She showed us a lot of interesting plants, animals and great views of the Yala. One of the most beautiful experiences of the safaris in Yala was having bush lunch in the park. Our driver was excellent and after the 2 wonderful days we became good friends. The highlight was the sighting of a leopard with a kill which is hard to find. This camp is in good hands and it feels like a big family. We will be back.

Stayed April 2013, traveled with family

Daniel K
Frankfurt, Germany

was there with my team on the 27.04.13. Mahoora has an excellent well trained team to give you an adventures experience in Yala. The Tents are so clean and well arranged. It was the 01st time in Sri Lanka we enjoyed a tent experience in Yala. The food presentation is excellent and it is delicious indeed. Yala is a place where you want to experience the wild life environment. You should experience the Mahoora 02 nights 03 days Programme if you wanna stay with Mahoora.

The tents are supper and cleaned and also the food. You should go and experience mahoora to your selves !!!

Cheers to Mahoora and the Team.!

Stayed April 2013, traveled with friends

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Had a fantastic time in Yala with the Mahoora crew and it was one of the great places we stayed in Sri Lanka.. If not the best. Great people.... great food.......Great wildlife [ they even had frenc wine !] Only sad part is about having to leave early on the second day just after the safari.
[ yes we booked only for one night ] We should have booked at least for two nights.

Stayed January 2013, traveled with friends

Jean P

We went to Mahoora Yala as part of a family tour and we can't say more than it was a five star service that made you feel like you were home from home in the bush.
Camp accommodation was excellent and the canvas tent, with two beds, shower and outer living area were very good. Spacing between tents ensured privacy though not too far away so you lose touch with children in other tent. The outer sitting area had two camping 'directors' chairs and small table so you could enjoy sitting alone in the wild without interference from anyone else.

Tilak, the host of the camp is very friendly and the staff are excellent offering you service at the right level at all times. Guides & drivers are first class and our guide Pras was exceptional with a good knowledge of all things from big cats to small birds, trees and tracks.
A great family holiday!

Stayed March 2013, traveled with family

Lotta L
Stockholm, Sweden





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