Founded as a pioneering Eco and Adventure tourism company in the year 2000, Eco Team has, over the years, narrowed its focus to become the most sought-after specialist in Wildlife Tourism and Experiential Travel. 

With five specialised accommodation brands under its umbrella, Eco Team features the most unique Tented Accommodations & Lodges in the country. 

Eco Team believes that requirements and expectations of world travellers have changed rapidly and have become more unique. As a result, tourism providers are no longer in a position to offer pre-packaged mass products to clients. The need of the hour is to find the smallest of niches and provide customised tour solutions. 

Eco Team’s responsible tourism ethos and values remain unchanged, with the focus being on community benefit and partnerships, conservation through tourism, minimising carbon emission, and preserving local values and culture.

Founded by entrepreneur and innovator Anuruddha Bandara, Eco Team is a company of ‘firsts’ and has been a pioneering force behind many initiatives, constantly striving to make a difference in every endeavour. Turning 23 in the year 2023, Eco Team continues to flourish and currently provides services to over 140 national and international companies across the globe. 

Exclusive Experiences

It’s all about what you will be doing. 

We take pride in offering the exclusive and unique experiences going beyond just the tourist highlights. We believe that no two persons on this earth could be the same, so therefore no holiday created should be the same too. With our unparalleled access to all the hidden corners, we don’t merely create holidays, we design experiences that money can’t buy.  

Genuine Encounters

It’s all about whom you are meeting.

Our tours are designed to grant you an intimate peak into the country and meeting real local people. With our special relationships cultivated over the years, our tours offer access into villages and homes to provide truly unique perspectives. This is something we are really specialized in. You do things together, share a meal or take part in a religious ritual; you become their guest but not a paid tourist.  

Spaces with Character

It’s about where you are staying. 

Our handpicked accommodations are way different to large chain hotels with conventional star ratings. We offers small properties with quality, character, ambiance and run by passionate people. The range does not limit to “hotels” and goes into Tented Camps, Lodges, Home Stays, Colonial Bungalows, Luxury Boutique Properties as well as Tree Houses that have won multiple awards and plaudits.

Passionate Sustainability

It’s about how we do things. 

We believe that the sustainability and conservation approach in tourism is not merely an option but a way of life. While offering you unique, unconventional experiences and encounters, we strive to stay conscious of the sustainability of our habitat, people and culture. You wouldn’t find the Elephant Orphanage, animal rides or shows, or any other experiences that exploit people or animals in our programmes.